DOT DASH offer a free download; give a story behind it

We are teaming up with DOT DASH to give you a chance to download their single “The Past Is Another Country” for free! The band has released the official music video for the track and discussed their album “Winter Garden Light” in our recent interview. Now they’re back with this sweet exclusive feature and more official comments.

Play it, grab it for free and scroll down to read our newest chit-chat.

Hey guys!  How are you feeling about the record at the moment?

We’re really happy with the way it turned out and the reviews it’s getting.  We’re definitely a pretty ‘underground’ band, but people who hear the record seem to dig it — and we like doing it, so no complaints there…

About “The Past Is Another Country,” please share a writing/recording story about it.

Well, we try not to be too ‘literal’ in our songs, but this one is about finding an old photo of someone…  As far as recording, like all of the songs on the album, we recorded this one pretty quickly – in one or two takes…  For Winter Garden Light we tried not to rush as much as we did when recording our first album but, even so, we tend to work pretty quickly.

What does the next year look like for DOT DASH? What’s happened since we last talked?

Let’s see… we opened for ASH a week or two ago – a really fun show.   As far as next year, we’ve got a bunch of new songs we’re playing live and are hoping, when the time is right, we’ll be able to make a third album.

As the end of the year approaches (or the end of the world – I’m not sure, pick one [smiles]), tell us what’s been the highlight of this year? 

The highlight of 2012 was getting Winter Garden Light out, thanks to our label The Beautiful Music.  In addition to the aforementioned ASH show, we played some cool shows with people like THE DRUMS, ALLO DARLIN’, Frankie Rose, Jack Grisham, MOON DUO, GREY MARCH, EXPLORERS CLUB, and a bunch of others – so those were highlights, too.  

Cool. What’s on your wishlist for Christmas? 

Hmmm… either world peace or The 5-Tray Food Dehydrator and Beef Jerky Maker from Ronco™  — still deciding…

Thanks again, guys!  Have a great New Year! [smiles]

 Thanks  – and the same to you.

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