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DOWN TO NOTHING / RISK IT! to tour Europe in October! [UPDATE]

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Richmond’s DOWN TO NOTHING are teaming up with Dresden’s RISK IT! to tour Europe from October 10th till October 19th, 2014! RISK IT! will be playing a lot more gigs before the Fall tour. See the details below.


Tour Dates:

10.10. Braunschweig – B58 (Germany)
11.10. Aachen – Pitfest Vol.2 (Germany)
12.10. Bocholt – De Kouter (Belgium)
13.10. Trier – Ex Haus (Germany)
14.10. Karlsruhe – Alte Hackerei (Germany)
15.10. München – Backstage (Germany)
16.10. Wien – Arena (Austria) + BLOODSHED REMAINS
17.10. Salzburg – Mark.Freizeit.Kultur (Austria)
18.10. Schleiz – Woodys (Germany)
19.10. Berlin – Cassiopeia (Germany)


Here’s the full list of RISK IT! tour dates:

14.06. Siegen – BlueBox (Germany)
28.06. Montabaur – Mair 1 Festival (Germany)
11.07. Klein Muckerow – Es knallt im Wald (Germany)
12.07. Zwickau – Störfaktor Festival (Germany)
13.07. Tabor – Mighty Sounds (Czech Republic)
14.07. Göttingen – Lumiere (Germany) + MADBALL
25.07. Bausendorf – Riez Open Air (Germany)
26.07. München – Free & Easy Festival (Germany)
02.08. Leuven – Vleugel F. (Belgium)
03.08. Augsburg – Ballonfabrik / Martinee (Germany)
08.-09.08. Torgau – Endless Summer (Germany)
10.08. Duisburg – Juz St.Peter (Germany)
16.08. Kopenhagen – HC Showdown (Denmark)
22.08. Berlin – CoreTex Fest @ SO36 (Germany) + RAMALLAH
23.08. Dessau – Destruction Derby (Germany)
29.08. Rostock – JAZ (Germany)
30.08. Frankfurt/Oder – Beachrock Helenesee (Germany)
05.09. Geithain – R9 (Germany)
06.09. Eppendorf – Moshground Burning (Germany)
12.09. Gera – Sächsischer Bahnhof (Germany)
13.09. Magdeburg – Factory (Germany)
10.10. Braunschweig – B58 (Germany) + DOWN TO NOTHING
11.10. Aachen – Pitfest Vol.2 (Germany) + DOWN TO NOTHING
12.10. Bocholt – De Kouter (Belgium) + DOWN TO NOTHING
13.10. Trier – Ex Haus (Germany) + DOWN TO NOTHING
14.10. Karlsruhe – Alte Hackerei (Germany) + DOWN TO NOTHING
15.10. München – Backstage (Germany) + DOWN TO NOTHING
16.10. Wien – Arena (Austria) + DOWN TO NOTHING + BLOODSHED REMAINS
17.10. Salzburg – Mark.Freizeit.Kultur (Austria) + DOWN TO NOTHING
18.10. Schleiz – Woodys (Germany) + DOWN TO NOTHING
19.10. Berlin – Cassiopeia (Germany) + DOWN TO NOTHING
24.10. Niesky – H.O.L.Z (Germany)
25.10. Kosice – Cassbar (Slovakia)
26.10. Prag – Club 007 (Czech Republic)
31.10. Eisleben – Wiesenhaus OLOC Fest (Germany)
01.11. Wroclaw – Liverpool (Poland)
05.12. Jena – Hell Is Here Rosenkeller (Germany)
13.12. Wiesbaden – Kreativfabrik (Germany) + ALL FOR NOTHING
19.12. Duisburg – JUZ St. Peter (Germany)
20.12. Mengersgereuth-Hämmern – Gasthaus Blechschmidt (Germany) + A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS
27.12. Leipzig – Conne Island (Germany)
10.01. Hamburg – Bar 227 (Germany)
04.06. Saarlouis – Juz Saarlouis (Germany)

Down To Nothing are a 5 piece band out of Richmond, VA who got their start in the year 2000. They have a bunch of releases out there, have toured all over, and have just put out one of the best albums of 2013 in “Life On The James” via Revelation Records. You may also recognize their singer David Wood who plays bass in Terror or their bassist Jared Carman who plays bass in Trapped Under Ice.

Dresden is back on the map. RISK IT! was found in march 2009, “Based on the common idea to give ourselves the chance to speak our minds and find a way to handle all the daily worries as playing music with spirit and attitude.” RISK IT! have released a 6 track demo on gorp rec in 2009 which attracts interests all over Germany. DRA released their 7″ at the beginning of February 2011. Playing tons of shows since then with all the bigger names in Hardcore, toured Europe for now four times and released their first full length on Farewell Records “Who’s Foolin’ Who” in April 2013 which dropped like a bomb. “Doing music and keep it all running give us the feeling to be alive and give something back to what gives us so much. Get through these life in remembrance that there is always something worth fighting for in world which seems to fall apart!” Take the chance catch them on one of their intense and energetic shows!

Photo by Holding The Moment.

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