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DOWNPRESSER drop new bomb: listen to “Death Instinct”!

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Closed Casket Activities has launched pre-orders for the new LP from California heavyweights DOWNPRESSER called “The Long Goodbye”, their first full length offering since 2013’s Don’t Need A Reason, released by 6131 Records. Produced and tracked with Taylor Young of The Pit Recording Studio, mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege and spiced up by the artwork by Sean Taggart, the album comes out on December 27th, and today you can check out the first new song called “Death Instinct”!


The runt of the litter
Dying to prove he’s no quitter
Running with the dogs of winter
As the pack gets thinner

It’s getting harder to keep up
Harder and harder to keep your head up
Better to be fed than fed up
So you keep your mouth shut

Cut to the quick
Like a ton of bricks
Biting at the heels
Broken on the wheel

Take a look in the mirror
Try to see a little clearer
Nothing left you hold dear
Nothing left to fear
One way from here

One way it ends
One way it ends
As you descend

You never saw the other side
You never made it back alive
You just let it ride
It’s for the gods to decide
How you live and die

No matter where or when
One way it ends

The goal of all life is death
Anything for one more breath

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