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Dream pop duo SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS navigates nostalgia with new single “Twenty Something”

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From the heart of Italy springs forth the vibrant and compelling sounds of Six Impossible Things. This dream pop duo, now burgeoning into a full-fledged band, weaves a sonic tapestry that juxtaposes hardcore roots with an indie ethos. Imagine the ethereal soundscapes of Beach House colliding with the indie edge of boygenius, all seasoned with the enigmatic enchantment of Ethel Cain, and you’ll begin to grasp the magic of this duo.

The lead single, “Twenty Something,” taken from their upcoming third EP, showcases their evolving sound, and we’re pleased to offer its first hearing this fine spring morning here on IDIOTEQ.

Comprising Nicky Fodritto and Lorenzo Di Girolamo, this creative powerhouse made their mark in 2017 with their unique take on the indie/dream pop genre. After releasing two well-received EPs – “I Tried To Run Away From Here” (2019) and “Sometimes You Fall Asleep In Front Of Me” (2021), the band crisscrossed Europe, sharing stages with the likes of Delta Sleep, Hickeys, Flor, and many more.

Six Impossible Things by by Hélio Gomes
Six Impossible Things by by Hélio Gomes

Mark your calendars as they drop their new single, “Twenty Something” on June 6th, 2023, heralding a bold new era for the band. This single, lifted from their forthcoming EP “The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living”, heralds a tangible evolution of their sound as they transition from a duo into a four-piece ensemble.

Twenty Something” marries the intimate, confessional style that has become their signature with the broader sonic palette of a full band. The result is a captivatingly intimate anthem that is both emotionally charged and sonically expansive.

Six Impossible THings

Lorenzo Di Girolamo, the mind behind the single, offers insight into the song’s origins and how it pays homage to a critical decade of his life.

He shares, “I’m entering my thirties next month, so I decided to write and release a song about my twenties… Nostalgia-soaked lyrics and emo-guitar-driven choruses, instead of the darker approach to the lyrics and melodies that characterize the rest of the songs on the record”.

This sentimental journey doesn’t just echo personal growth but also resonates with the band’s trajectory, mirrored by their transformative musical journey through the tumultuous backdrop of a pandemic-stricken world. Di Girolamo recalls, “In February 2020 my city was the first one in the whole West that was hit by the pandemic, and during the following two years…we thought a lot about whether it was worth it to keep it going and make new music.”

Indeed, their musical odyssey continues. As we await the release of their third EP, set for September, it is clear that Six Impossible Things are worth listening to. As they take the stage again, expanded and reborn, we are invited to share in their journey, a testament to resilience, evolution, and the inexhaustible power of music.

Twenty Something lyrics:

Every night I can’t sleep
and I lay here
rifflin’ through the noise on my phone
I feel lost
and I miss those times
every time it was me and my friends
lost in the middle of something
I still can’t comprehend
I miss those days we used to throw away
I miss those nights: “you know, we’re ‘gonna be fine”
and now those frames of our lives slipped out of our hands
just like the sand
we were twenty-something
we kept on skipping classes
always down to smoke a full pack
and we didn’t give a fuck about anything
yeah we didn’t give a fuck about anything
back then I used to sit in my car
listenin’ to songs no one would hear
alone, consumed by fear

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