Dutch grindcore act SUFERING QUOTA
Dutch grindcore act SUFERING QUOTA
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Dutch grindcore act SUFERING QUOTA are back with new album “Collide” – new tracks streaming

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Dutch grindcore band Suffering Quota are set to unleash their third album, “Collide”, cementing their place in the upper echelon of the grindcore scene. With their signature blend of grindcore, death metal, crust, and hardcore, dosed in various quantities, the band is poised to deliver yet another explosive offering, adding to their nearly 15 years of existence.

After gaining recognition for their previous albums and EPs, Suffering Quota further solidified their place in the scene with their split release alongside Psychoneurosis and Herida Profunda in 2019, showcasing their fiercely unique sound and intense energy. Now, in 2023, the Groningen grindcore unit returns with their highly-anticipated third full-length album, set to elevate their campaign of terror to new heights.

“Collide” builds further on the foundations laid down on their previous album, “Life In Disgust” and is a multifaceted sequel that ties the thread together whilst continuously looking forward. Both are recorded live at the Soundlodge Studio and have artwork created by painter and friend Wokkel. Musically it continues the subversion of genres through gleeful experimentation switching up rhythms, toying with dynamics, texture and track length.

On “Collide“, Suffering Quota have created a 12-ton bomb that transfixes the listener, hitting with the crushing force of an event horizon, starting a new chapter in their campaign of terror whilst maintaining the focus on their distinctive sound. Containing their signature mix of extreme genres infused with a unique touch of experimentation, they maintain an onslaught of colossal dimensions.

On May 26th, Lower Class Kids Records, 7Degrees Records, and Tartarus Records will release the bands 12-song, 19-minute blood-soaked collaborative descent into the depths of the abyss, grinding your mind to pieces.

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