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INTEGRITY’s Dwid Hellion teams up with members of European metalcore veteran bands CONGRESS and LIAR; SLEDGEHAMMER streaming debut EP!

Formed in Belgium by the legendary INTEGRITY frontman Dwid Hellion, Hans from Belgian metallic hardcore band LIAR, Tim from CONGRESS and EMPATHY, Matthias (ex-LIAR, EMPATHY), and Birger from DEATH BEFORE DISCO, SLEDGEHAMMER released one EP back in 2004. Recorded at AK studio in Belgium, the 4-track sonic assault now returns across all digital and streaming platforms! California’ Magic Bullet Records has dropped a ‘name your price / free download’ version and it’s available below!

SLEDGEHAMMER is: Dwid Hellion: Lucky Delamorte; Hans Verbeke: Franky Violence; Matt Halsberghe: The Unknowing Scientist; Birger Finaut: The Arrogantly Insecure But Jaded Playboy; Tim Jult: Colonel Timothy W. Oorlog.

SLEDGEHAMMER was a 2004 side project that brought together INTEGRITY’s Dwid Hellion with members of European metalcore bands CONGRESS and LIAR. The four-song “Your Arsonist” EP was the extent of their output, originally seeing long-gone vinyl and compact disc formats upon original release. 2017 marks the debut of the album across all digital and streaming platforms.

Raw and abrasive in nature, all tracks were recorded at AK Studios in Belgium. Conceptually, the tracks are scenes in a four-act film, as they were originally denoted as as such in the album’s artwork. Lyrics are dialogues between characters in the imaginary film.

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