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DYING WISH channel storms of emotional ruin in another metalcore slayer “Symptoms of Survival”

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From the city that gave us the melodic siren calls of indie bands and the resounding protest anthems of the underground punk scene, Portland’s own Dying Wish announces its newest offering, “Symptoms of Survival.” Set for a November 3 release via SharpTone Records, the album promises to be an immersive experience, not just a playlist of loosely connected songs.

The album has been chiseled into shape under the masterful hand of producer Randy LeBoeuf, whose previous works have effectively blurred the lines between raw aggression and nuanced musicianship.

To add a visual layer to their auditory tapestry, the band recently dropped a video for their new song “Lost in the Fall“—a tempestuous endeavor in its own right.

“‘Lost in the Fall’ is about letting go of control and accepting your fate and failure in love,” explains Emma Boster, the band’s vocalist. “It’s about the gut-wrenching feeling of an impending end and the courage to face forward.”


In a video where the band performs amidst a literal lightning storm, Emma Boster emerges as an elemental force. Her screams aren’t merely blood-curdling; they are marrow-extracting, echoing in the deepest caverns of emotional disquiet. Her gaze isn’t merely piercing; it’s an incisive inquisition into the complexities of relationships and the rugged terrains of human emotion.

Following their prior release, “Watch My Promise b”—a song that Stereogum described as “a massive slab of heaviness”—”Lost in the Fall” feels like the emotionally charged sequel, adding more dimensions to the band’s sprawling narrative.

Dying Wish isn’t merely a studio phenomenon. The band is taking their high-octane show on the road, promising a series of seismic live performances across multiple cities. From the sandy expanses of Santa Cruz, California, to the pulsating heart of Atlanta, Georgia, their extensive fall tour schedule promises a kinetic experience for fans and newcomers alike.

“Symptoms of Survival isn’t just a record; it’s a sojourn into the recesses of emotional and existential tumult,” says producer Randy LeBoeuf.

Dying Wish

The upcoming album and tour feel like twin vessels set to navigate the churning waters of human complexities. The songs aren’t just melodic arrangements but serve as compelling narratives, nuanced in their texture, layered in their implications.

In a climate where the fickle winds of musical trends could easily veer a less anchored band off course, Dying Wish seems to have set their sails firmly towards the uncharted waters of emotional honesty and brutal introspection. With “Symptoms of Survival,” the band beckons us to join them in this journey, steering through the squalls of existential dilemma and docking at the shores of profound self-revelation.

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