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Dystopian black metaller BONJOUR TRISTESSE premieres new epic single “Against Leviathan”

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The title track of the album “Against Leviathan” by BONJOUR TRISTESSE is a representation of the album’s overall theme, which depicts a dark and dystopian reality of our modern world from an unconventional perspective. Today, we’re thrilled to give you its first listen, with some more details about the craft of Nathanael.

The new album from BONJOUR TRISTESSE can be interpreted as a passionate and critical examination of the industrialized society we inhabit, with a central focus on the clash between humans and nature. Furthermore, this album is the first segment of a two-part series that follows a conceptual theme.

BONJOUR TRISTESSE’s style combines intense violence with melodic elements, often swaying between frenzy and a haunting sense conveyed through emotional, manic vocals.

The third album from BONJOUR TRISTESSE provides a dark and pessimistic view of our current dystopian reality, portrayed through a unique perspective. It serves as a passionate critique of the industrialized society we live in, with the central conflict being the struggle between humankind and nature.

Nathanael, the sole songwriter and performer, expresses his anger and emotions through the album, creating a tumultuous journey. This release is the first part of a two-part series that has a common thread running throughout.


Despite the album’s intense emotions and raw violence, it maintains a sense of melody, with the group’s sound swinging between frenzy and oppression conveyed through plaintive-manic vocals.

The title track, “Against Leviathan,” along with strategically placed quotes, adds a poetic touch to the album’s furious tone.

Dystopian black metallers BONJOUR TRISTESSE

Turmoil“, another new track from the album has been made available online earlier this year, so be sure to give it a listen, too!

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