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EASTER TEETH – “Watch Me Get My Worship On” video premiere

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Goleta, California’s funky post punk duo EASTER TEETH is teaming up with IDIOTEQ to give you their newest groovy offering called “Watch Me Get My Worship On”, injecting some addicting, youthful enthusiasm into your daily routine. The new track comes from their upcoming split with Houston’s pop punks MORAL MONSTERS, to be released this December via Veritas Vinyl, and is melodic and drum’n’bass groove driven, with loud vocal fills around the toms and an energetic, danceable James Brown meets MINUTEMEN vibe. Read the full press release, check out the video below and share with your friends!

Photo by Roxplosion.

Some of brothers Josh and Tim’s earliest music memories are of riding in back of the station wagon, listening to their mom’s cassette tapes of James Brown, Sam & Dave, The Rascals, etc. As time rolled on and they got into punk, hardcore, and mathrock, their passion for soul music never left them. EASTER TEETH is their foolish attempt to gather up all that they love about both soul and punk, throw it all on the floor of DIY spaces all over the nation, and see who picks it up – without coming off like an incoherent novelty. Since 2009, they self-released two EP’s before Veritas Vinyl signed them and released their 2013 full-length, Being Alone With Your Thoughts is for Inmates, which enjoyed good reviews from the likes of Razorcake, Independent Music News UK, the Santa Barbara Independent, and more. Their old-skool work ethic has won them a modest road-resume that thus far includes 1 US tour, 2 west coast, 2 southwest, and countless weekend warrior mini-tours and local shows. Next on the horizon, all in promotion of their new split 7” with Veritas label-mates Moral Monsters, is the premiere of their first ever music video for Watch Me Get My Worship On via IDIOTEQ.com on Friday the 13th of November, a hometown record release show December 11th, and a 5-show southwest tour the first week of 2016. And if all the isn’t enough, EASTER TEETH is also finishing up recording 10 more songs to leak to the public in the coming months.

The band commented on the video:

We’ve always wanted to make a video because, not only are we so dang attractive, but because we’ve always thought audio alone doesn’t do us justice. We’ve limited ourselves to being a two-man band, and we enjoy the challenge of making our sound as full as possible with just the two of us. So we wanted to be able to show those who haven’t had the chance to catch our live set exactly how we do it. It was tons of fun to film! We had no idea what we were doing, but we thought if we barbecued for our friends and had ping pong and pool to entertain them, how could we go wrong? Our dear friend Ty Hegner did the filming with his iPhone and a camera we borrowed from a local film school. The small, bored crowd is an homage to the on-again-off-again punk scene in our hometown. We are really grateful to Ty and everyone who was in on it. Hope you like it!

Video filmed by Ty Hegner. Audio recorded by Matt Knoles and digital version mastered by Kevin Ott.


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