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Eclectic post hardcore maestros STATE FAULTS are back with great new single “Palo Santo”

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STATE FAULTS has returned with a compelling new single, “Palo Santo,” their first new single from “Children of the Moon”, a highly anticipated fourth album, to be released on July 26th via Deathwish Inc. and Dog Knights Productions.

Frontman Jonny Andrew says: “Palo Santo” was the first song we wrote after recording Clairvoyant in early 2019. It deals with the struggle to accept that nothing is permanent and that the floor can fall out from under you at any moment. It’s a reminder in those moments of life that totally knock you down, where you feel like you’re drowning in uncertainty and can’t see where to go next, to remember who you are and live in your truth, and shine on with love and compassion for yourself and others.

STATE FAULTS reemerged in 2019 after a five-year hiatus, having spent those years playing with their indie-punk side project, SLOW BLOOM. They made a strong comeback with their third full-length LP, “Clairvoyant,” which garnered significant success and led to extensive tours across North America and Europe.

The band, filled with renewed energy and focus, was poised for further momentum in 2020 when the global pandemic hit, forcing them to cancel their spring and summer tours.


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Embracing the new post-pandemic reality, STATE FAULTS dedicated themselves to writing fresh material.

This effort culminated in their fourth studio album, “Children of the Moon,” produced by Chris Teti (THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE…). Despite facing numerous challenges, including post-production delays, financial struggles, personal misfortunes, and a near breakup, the band persisted. The result is an album that pushes the boundaries of the screamo genre, showcasing the band’s creative evolution.

“Children of the Moon” opens with “Blood Moon,” which features lush string arrangements that blend heavy riffs with melodic precision.

“Palo Santo” follows with infectious hooks and a rare vocal performance from Jonny Andrew, who combines his signature screams with melodic singing. Tracks like “Heat Death” and “Divination” highlight the band’s heavier side.


The ambitious 10-minute track “No Gospel” stands out as a prog/screamo odyssey, featuring psychedelic guitar work, danceable rhythms, and a downtempo second half with spaced-out drones and reverb-soaked vocals.

The album concludes with “Bodega Head,” a post-rock ballad that builds from gentle acoustic guitar to a powerful crescendo of haunting strings, galloping drums, and a soaring electric guitar solo.

STATE FAULTS tour dates:

May 22 Sacramento, CA @ Cafe Colonial
May 23 Fresno, CA @ Destructive Warehouse
May 24 Los Angeles, CA @ Your Renaissance Fest
July 6 Maywood, CA @ Brick’s Rock Bar
July 7 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
July 8 Las Vegas, NV @ The Griffin
July 9 Bakersfield, CA @ 415.BKFD
July 10 San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
July 11 Eugene, OR @ John Henry’s
July 12 Portland, OR @ Mano Oculta
July 13 Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
July 14 New Westminster, BC @ Bully’s

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