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Edgy rockers KARABA FC’s live session – a dive into “My Demise”

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French indie/post-hardcore rockers band KARABA F.C. have captured the raw intensity of their performance in a live session video for “My Demise,” a standout track from their latest EP, “April Dancer.” Released in April 2023, the EP was featured in a special feature on IDIOTEQ and you can find it at this location.

The live session, recorded at La Clef in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, showcases the band’s commitment to authenticity in their craft. Directed by Clara Griot and engineered by Tom Fonty, the video offers a glimpse into the energy and emotion that KARABA FC brings to their live performances.

“My Demise” carries the band’s signature blend of 90s emocore, 2000s indie rock, and a touch of post-rock, demonstrating their ability to meld diverse influences into a cohesive sound.

Here’s what the band had to say about the song: “The intro was inspired by heavy post rock bands such as PG.lost or If these trees could talk, while we gave the verse a very indie, Bloc Party feel, before a hook of big 90s emo chords and vocal harmonies. The lyrics and singing melody of the first verse were re-written just a couple of weeks before the recording. On the first version they were angrier, closer to the “I dream of the day I’ll put my foot through your mouth” that comes at the end of track. After playing it live a few times we felt like going full-on indie in this part would actually sound better, and decided to re-write it. It’s a track on which the production work by Serge Morattel really shines, as we hoped when we booked the session with him after falling in love with Ventura’s Ad Matres.”

The EP, “April Dancer,” reflects this blend across its six tracks, recorded at Serge Morattel’s REC Studio in Geneva. It’s a mix and an interesting take on songwriting that has allowed them to carve a niche in the French indie/post-hardcore scene.

Each track on “April Dancer” offers something different, from the evolving soundscape of “Roundabout” to the catchy, dance-inducing vibes of “Medication.” The live session video brings one of these tracks to life, illustrating the band’s dynamic range and performance energy.

KARABA F.C. by Jacques De Rougé
KARABA F.C. by Jacques De Rougé

This video release is just a part of what KARABA FC has in store for their fans. Following this live session, another track from the EP will soon be released, adding to the anticipation for their first full-length album.

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