ELAPSE debut new song!

Örebro hardcore band ELAPSE has inveiled a new song called “Another Atom”! Listen below, sing along and go here to read my interview with their pals from ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER.

Distant. Out of words
I am the voice you’ve never heard
Floating on the surface
Looking for peace for a restless mind
I understand why you don’t search anymore
Longing for solace in a shoreless wasteland
With one foot in each world
I try to give you what I never could have
Another atom to build life upon
Don’t be afraid, you will soon be found
Another atom to build life upon
Some people must go this way
Their hearts won’t come back
They’re just bodies with black eyes and they’re the only one’s smiling
A thousand feelings that they cannot feel
I wish they’d all lie down as if someone would have turned them off
The better part of the world don’t care
It’s a scar in my face forever

For this life you love, someone’s gone to hell but never back
For this life you love, you can give back

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