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Fiery skate punk rockers ELDER ABUSE go nostalgic in their new track “Weatherman”!

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Coming out on March 17th via Little Rocket Records (Europe) and State Of Mind Recordings (USA), “Burnt”, the newest LP from Winnipeg, Canada’s passionate punk rockers ELDER ABUSE carries energetic punk rock tunes further than you’d expect! We’re super stoked to premiere their new song “Weatherman”, that builds on the solid foundations laid in well-thought songwriting, keeping the sound powerful, and bulding up the energy that doesn’t let up until the end of the record. These guys bring in joyful rawness and it’s hard not to feel energized listening to their new offerings. See for yourself!

The band commented on the creation process and the meaning of the record:

Following our first full length Born To Lose and our follow up split 7”, we decided as a band that we did not want to rush our next LP, or should I say, our first proper LP. Since our first release, we have played in a ton of different countries, toured from Atlantic to Pacific and back again, played in two hemispheres and have slept on more floors than most humans can hope to in a life time. We have been fortunate enough to play with some our favorite bands, and some legendary bands that helped to inspire us to make music in the first place. Throughout the ups and downs, we have also experienced a lot of real life, the band has seen most of us through our mid and later twenties (and maybe to a small degree, our early ones too), and with that we have seen many personal triumphs and tragedies. From buying houses, finishing degrees, seeing the world, and playing with our favorite bands, we have also lost people that we love, lost friendships, seen addictions destroy people, and all of the other fun stuff that growing up includes. Burnt really is a reflection of that growth. It is not all doom and gloom, it is also about turning the other cheek, and while we are at it, being cheeky in general. We wanted to work with people we believed in, and do this release right. We could not be happier with the production from up and coming producer Jordan Voth out of Winnipeg, and we are positively psyched about how awesome the art turned out by Toronto’s Patrick Carson Sparrow (this dude is going to be famous one day, mark our words!). Without the support of big Dave and the family at State Of Mind Recordings this band would not be where we are today, and the amazing team at Little Rocket Records has only helped to sweeten the deal!

Burnt serves to skewer the absolute hypocrisy that we see every day, we make fun of things, we cry about things, and we celebrate the people and aspects of life that we love. To keep from being too cheesy, it is 5 guys goofing off and having a solid time. More d-beats, less bleeps and bloops! We hope that you enjoy our goofing off as much as we did, and if not, welp, most of our parents thought it was too loud as well!

Photo by Arman Rachman

Catch the band live at their record release show at The Good Will in Portage, Winnipeg, Manitoba on April 28th!


Like what you hear, but want to go a bit faster? Check out two other tunes: “Good Enough” and “Lemonade”:

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