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“The Smell of Spring” – ambient indie post rockers SECRET GRIEF release new EP

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Michigan ambient indie post rockers SECRET GRIEF have just unveiled their new EP ‘The Smell of Spring’, their second new EP of 2017, written and recorded over 4 days  a house on Gun Lake, MI in early March of 2017. It was recorded in those 4 days as well as 1 day in late April due to a power outage during the original recording session. It is the second release in a four part series of EPs that roughly correspond with the seasons. SECRET GRIEF excels in embodying in embodying emotions, and in expressing intensity through gentle, multi-style communication that make for a thrilling listen from start to finish. We acknowledge “The Smell of Spring” as their strongest and most reputation enhancing statement to date and we simply can’t wait to hear the rest of the chapters.

The band commented:

This session took SECRET GRIEF’s SCOTT NELSON, alongside their live-guitarist/sound-engineer TYLER FLOYD to Gun Lake, MI and to Scott’s grandparents house which resides on the lake. A scheduling conflict separated KAMERON CHAUVEZ from the group and therefore his contributions lied in remote creation of electronic drum beats for the band to use as well as post-production work.

As is the norm for these projects, the group prepared no material prior to the recording session and allowed the environment to influence and dictate the direction that the songs took. Key contributions to this session were an out of tune piano, constant heavy winds, and non-stop signs of nostalgia for SCOTT NELSON. What came of the session are five brand new tracks that look at the idea of rebirth and how even after change the memories of a past self still haunt oneself in the present.

‘The Smell of Spring’ is the second in a four-part series of mini-releases that SECRET GRIEF & TYLER FLOYD will release in 2017. Each release will follow a similar format and roughly correspond to the four seasons as they are experienced across SECRET GRIEF’s home state of Michigan. Each release will be digital only and available everywhere digital music is bought, streamed, and/or stolen.

The first chapter of the series called “Winter Wellness” was written and recorded over five days in a house just north of Oscoda, MI this past December. It was the first in a four part series of releases each roughly corresponding to a season.

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