ELWAY’s bad luck on the road (European dates)

ELWAY ran into problems while touring Europe. The band got arrested in Russia and then robbed in Berlin. Check out their official word below.

Hey dudes,

So European tour is going super well. The shows have been, bar-none, all amazing and we’ve been getting treated like the rock gods that we so totally aren’t. I encourage you to read about our exploits here (

The reason I write this here note is not so joyous, however… Last night in Berlin after our show at The Ramones Museum, we had about half of our merch stolen. 200 shirts, 100 7″s, 50 cds, and some coozies, stickers and handbags were taken. All in all, about 3000 euro worth of stuff was taken. It’s shitty, because you just know whoever stole it couldn’t possibly do shit with it so why the fuck take it? Anyway, here we are with about 6 weeks of tour left without nearly enough merch to survive. It is literally the only negative thing about the whole tour.

So I know this sucks, but we’re kind of out of options at this point, so we’re going to open up our paypal to donations to try and make back a couple bucks of this money and maybe get some new merch before we leave Europe.

Our paypal address is if you’d like to help us out. Thanks in advance.


Go here to read more and find the Russian story, among others.

Here’s the full tour dates list:
14.09.2012 GER-Heidelberg, Villa Nachttanz
15.10.2012 GER-Wiesbaden, Bros Eisley Cantina (Cantina)
16.09.2012 GER-Wiesbaden, Schlachthof w/ Banner Pilot
17.09.2012 GER-Leipzig, Black Label Pub (acoustic)
18.09.2012 GER-Leipzig, Kultuscafe Manfred
19.09.2012 GER-Berlin, Casiopeia
20.09.2012 RUS-Moscow, Alibi
21.09.2012 RUS-Kovrov,Bavarskiy Zamok
22.09.201 RUS, Moscow,Konkrete Store
23.09.2012 RUS, St Petersburg,Zoccolo
24.09.2012 GER-Berlin, Ramones Museum (acoustic show)
25.09.2012 CZE-Prague, Cafe Na Pul Cesty
26.09.2012 Driving Day!
27.09.2012 GBR-Birmingham,Flapper & Firkin w/ Leagues Apart
28.09.2012 GBR-Norwich,Karma Cafe w/ Leagues Apart
29.09.2012 GBR-Leeds,Santiagos w/ Leagues Apart
30.09.2012 GBR-Dundee, Kage Night Club w/ Leagues Apart
01.10.2012 GBR-Manchester, Kraak Gallery w/ Leagues Apart
02.10.2012 GBR-Cardiff,Cwdihw w/ Leagues Apart
03.10.2012 GBR-Plymouth, White Rabbit w/ Leagues Apart
04.10.2012 GBR-London, Urban Bar w/Leagues Apart
05.10.2012 GER-Mönchengladbach, Roots Club w/All Aboard
06.10.2012 GER-Nuremberg, K4 w/All Aboard
07.10.2012 AUS-Wiener Neustadt, tbc w/All Aboard
08.10.2012 AUS-Vienna, Shelter, W/All Aboard
09.10.2012 AUS-Innsbruck, TBA
10.10.2012 SUI-Solothurn, Kofmehl w/All Aboard
11.10.2012 GER-Ulm, Tanke w/All Aboard
12.10.2012 GER-Trier, Ex Haus w/All Aboard
13.10.2012 GER-Muenster, Baracke w/ All Aboard
14.10.2012 GER-Aachen,AZ w/All Aboard
15.10.2012 GER-Mainz, Kulturcafe w/ All Aboard
16.10.2012 NED-Heemskerk, Cafe Lokal w/ All Aboard
18.10.2012 GER-Kiel, Secret Acoustic Show (
19.10.2012 GER-Hannover, Secret Show (Infos:
20.10.2012 GER-Bausendorf, Riez Rockbar w/ All Aboard
21.10.2012 GER-Giessen, AK44 w/ All Aboard, Turbostaat

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