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Emo act OGBERT THE NERD drops new single “Bike Cops”

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In December 2020, the emo ensemble from New Jersey, Ogbert The Nerd, launched their brilliantly contagious and emotionally raw debut album titled “I Don’t Hate You.” The album instantly incites a craving for more of their music. Yet, over the subsequent two and a half years, they have only debuted one track, the prior summer’s “A New Kind of Borkulator.” Luckily, today marks the release of another tantalizing single.

Bike Cops,” a number that has supposedly been a fixture in Ogbert’s live performances for a significant period, has finally been produced in the studio.

The drumming maestro Matt Renzo augments this version with a robust horn arrangement. From the outset, it’s an adrenaline-fueled, emo-drenched spectacle, with intense lyrics like the chorus, “You could drag around my body just to show that I cared.”

It’s the quintessential Ogbert experience, designed to quicken your heartbeat, challenge your respiratory endurance, and generate electrifying shivers down your spine.

Ogbert the Nerd

Be sure to tune in below.

The band is out for their Summer tour, starting tomorrow!

Ogbert the Nerd tour

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