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Heavy metal, motorcycles, and good times: introducing the WYLD TIMEZ

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In an era where polished sounds and radio-friendly choruses reign supreme, there is an undercurrent of rebellion bubbling up from the Midwestern heartland. Wyld Timez, a three-piece unit from the maligned depths of Cleveland, Ohio, is redefining metal punk with their raw, unhinged sound. Their latest offering, “Nefarious Instinct,” to be released on July 7, 2023, by Morbid And Miserable Records, promises to leave an indelible mark on the genre’s evolving soundscape.

For fans of: metal punk, Venom, Hellripper, The Casualties

“Nefarious Instinct” follows on the heels of two laudably gritty EPs, which introduced us to the band’s electrifying fusion of frantic speed metal and unrestrained punk rock energy. This, their debut full-length album, pushes their sound further into the gritty netherworld of metal punk.

The opening track, the album’s namesake “Nefarious Instinct,” is a roaring statement of intent. Filled with aggressive street punk rhythm and sporadic blasts, it’s a direct result of the band’s intentional shift from their previous 80s metal vibe. The track itself is an unapologetic dive into an uncouth, raw energy that sets the pace for what’s to come.

This debut’s success lies not in its predictability but rather its courage to flirt with the unconventional. “To the Gallows,” inspired by the first wave of black metal, is a potent blend of the old and new. Its lyrics tell a captivating tale of historical witch trials from a dual perspective, balancing between the accuser and the accused. This clever narrative spin injects a welcomed depth into the otherwise rapid-fire track.

Infernal Wretch” epitomizes the band’s sound. Employing what the band fondly refers to as the “Motörhead riff,” this track is built for the stage, driven by adrenaline and blessed with infectiously catchy vocal patterns.

Graveyard Sorcery” represents a distinct departure from the relentless pace. The melodies and guitar leads offer a change in the landscape, a musical breather of sorts. While this may be the closest we come to a ballad in the Wyld Timez universe, it retains the spirit of rebellion that’s core to their identity. The song’s inspiration, the cult classic ‘Return of the Living Dead,’ is beautifully woven into the lyrics.


Devil’s Miscreant,” one of the standouts on the album, encapsulates the essence of Wyld Timez. It’s a crust punk anthem of sorts, aggressive, catchy, and replete with a sense of kinship that resonates with the punk/metal community.

Cryptic Warning,” “Lust and Leather,” and “Bleed for Speed,” the final three tracks, extend the band’s exploration of their metalpunk sound, offering a taste of black metal influence, flirtations with traditional solos, and a final salute to the essence of Wyld Timez— heavy metal, motorcycles, and good times.


Nefarious Instinct” is a sonic journey, an unpretentious manifestation of Wyld Timez’s inherent energy. It’s an album that doesn’t attempt to fit into a predetermined box but instead forges its own path, respecting its roots while carving its future. The result is an unpolished gem, a testament to the unruly, untamed spirit of metalpunk that will leave you both sated and craving for more. And as Wyld Timez’s Jesse Greenfeather teases, this is just an indication of the direction the band intends to take in the future. For fans of the raw and rebellious, the journey has just begun.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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