SECOND NATURE by Wojciech Augustyniak, Piątaesencja
SECOND NATURE by Wojciech Augustyniak, Piątaesencja
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Emotive rockers SECOND NATURE share new single “Bear The Heat”

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Warsaw based two-piece SECOND NATURE have premiered their new single “Bear The Heat”, both gritty and melodic tune, staying true to the roots of emotive punk rock and sunding contemporary and relevant. With the right exposure, these young fellas could easily find themselves appealing to a pretty wide audience.

The band started in 2018 when guitarist and vocalist Aron met the other half of the band, Darek, previously active in the band No Values.

“I played with numerous drummers and other musicians but it never really clicked.” – says Aron. “I met Darek (drummer) when he responded to my home recorded demo. After couple rehearsals we decided to form a band.”

Asked about whether or not playing as a duo was planned, Aron says that they “just never met a bass player, who would share the same point of view on playing or have time to play with the Second Nature“.

SECOND NATURE by Sebastian Najdek
SECOND NATURE by Sebastian Najdek

“But it didn’t stop us from playing and writing new stuff, so we sticked to it. Now I can say that it’s really convenient.” – he admits.

When it comes to inspirations, Aron says that they don’t listen to the same sort of music.”

“I think that we both share the same kind of love to 90’s music but I guess we’re not really into recent “revival” stuff. Lately Darek listens a lot to Slipknot and I’m a big fan of ABRA.” – he continues.

SECOND NATURE by Wojciech Augustyniak, Piątaesencja
SECOND NATURE by Wojciech Augustyniak, Piątaesencja

Composing wise, he reveals that it’s always a bit of a struggle for them to write new music. “I don’t know, maybe it’s because there’s only two of us. To be honest I’m not the most prolific writer. But I always do my best to keep it fun.”

Bear the Heat” comes from the upcoming EP, but it was actually written 2 years ago. “It’s funny to think that it comes from the pre-pandemic era” – shares Aron. “I wrote it by the end of summer 2019 after some personal issues. I tend to look for some kind of safety valve after big things occur in my life and I found writing music as one of the healthiest one.”

Second Nature is: Aron Klichowicz (guitars, vocals) and Darek Dyrda (drums).


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