“Eternal Hustle” – metalcore / heavy hardcore act FORTUNES unleash new behemoth of an EP

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Focused on underground metal and hardcore bands local to Texas, the new DIY label Goodjunkie Records was already featured in our recent write-up about metallic hardcore band PISSPOOR, and today we’re thrilled to extend our cooperation and give you the newest joint from San Antonio based FORTUNES! Their new ruthless EP “Eternal Hustle” marks a huge step up from their previous release and sees them finding their footing in brutal fusion of different influences, including metalcore, beatdown, and other vicious hybrid of metal and hardcore. With all the uncompromising nastiness, it feels beautiful.

We wrote this album wanting to have an aggressive heavy sound by blending our love for metal and also our love for hardcore and meshing them both mixed w a super heavy tone. Our goal was to sound as heavy as possible just using six strings which is something we really pride ourselves in. influences: Remembering Never, Hatebreed, Pantera, The Warriors, Bury Your Dead, Xibalba, Murder Death Kill, Betrayal.

To celebrate, we have teamed up with both the label and the band to give you the first hearing of this beast, spiced up with some insightful thoughts and commentary from FORTUNES‘ singer Steve Rico Jr.!

Play it loud and scroll down to see his track by track commentary, more information about the band, their local metal/hardcore scene in Texas, special list of things that define their spine.

The lyrical concept of the album is using our inner-city upbringing and the challenges it brings to us as musicians. Overcoming anything and everything while staying humble and true to your roots and not letting society define who you are and what you should stand for.

“Eternal Hustle is about the struggle of being a musician and not letting anything stop you from accomplishing your dreams.”

The battles and hardships that occur mentally. Overcoming anything and everything that comes your way. Continue to hustle no matter what anyone thinks

Southern Hustle


It is about not following the scene and not creating music for a trend to fit in. Paving your own path and dealing with all the fake love and hate along the way. It’s about all of us coming from nothing and how we put in the work and busted our asses to be where we are and nothing was handed to us. It’s about other bands thinking there better than us talking down about us but also fearing we will pass them when we really just wanna stay in our own lane and keep it real. But if it has to come to it nothing will get in our way cause we’ve fought too hard to let anyone take our dreams from us.

War Cloud

Is about the hustle of being in a band and overcoming the obstacles it brings. Such as losing time with family, its about owning up to the lifestyle and accepting it for what it is. even when your dreams or goals don’t see capable it’s about fighting from within and conquering whatever you seek even if it means dying trying to achieve it.

Facing it all head first and not being scared to fight for what you believe in.

But staying golden and true to what you stand for.

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Photo by Gabriel Andre of Get Real Promotions

Sink Or Swim

is about not being accepted for who you are, but not letting that stop you from succeeding because of what other people think. Its about fighting for what you believe in even if it means you have to do it alone. Not giving up your beliefs just because society doesn’t agree. You either let those things let you bring you down or learn to keep fighting till you succeed regardless of what anyone thinks.

Money Happiness And Power

Is about wanting to achieve three things in this life: money, happiness and power, but the key is can you obtain all three of them without one of them devouring you. Its about staying true and humble while still obtaining success.

Reality Check

This track is about coming to terms for what the world is. It’s about coming to the realization that things arent really what they seem. Its about how when you come from an area of poverty that theres so many things so many more obstacles and coming to terms with that so you can create your own path one that is different from what society might portray.


“Worthless” is about the war within yourself and how you make mistakes and you should learn from them and not take life for granted and how people judge you for your mistakes but just cause you fuck up doesnt mean your worthless.

FORTUNES band logo


We recorded this album with Cory Brunneman here in san antonio hes worked with bands like Upon A Burning Body, Backwordz, and Notion. It was huge honor to work with him he really pushed us all to take the record to the next level. Not letting us settle for one or two takes really pushing us for the best takes possible.

We decided to put the record out with GoodJunkieRecords because Kyle really stands for alot of the same things we do. He has built an amazing roster of highly talented underatted Texas bands. Its a roster were really proud to be apart of, so it was a no brainer to us when we approached him with the music and was really stoked when he agreed to back the album.

The album was written by our former guitarists chris buckner and Orlando Rodriguez in 2015, but we actually broke up before ever getting to put this record out. Travis current guitarist and bassist on the album along with vocalist Steve Rico decided to bring the band back together and finally put out the record.

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Photo by Gabriel Andre of Get Real Promotions

Thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown

We’re hoping to get back on the road once the coronavirus allows it. It’s been rough not being able to Jam and having all the outta town shows and local shows we had lined up canceled. We were supposed to be headlining our own fest In Corpus Christi, which we hope we can get rescheduled soon. Also, we were gonna be opening up for Atilla here in San Antonio so cant wait to get back to our normal band routines but the main thing is we all stay safe and keep washing our hands during this pandemic and take the time to start pre-pro on our next project just using the time to be creative.

I’m hoping that since this has taken us all away from the scene we love that the San Antonio scene can come back harder than ever as well as all the surrounding south Texas cities we consider second homes from the countless years of playing there.

Bands you have to check out:


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FORTUNES band logo

A small list of things that make FORTUNES the band they are today

by Steve Rico Jr


The beer of Texas is an inspiration to us cause we spent many after party’s after shows drinking amongst other bands and the OGs of the scene learning the way


Shows are what made all of us become friends and start making music. We were all apart of the San Antonio hardcore scene before ever all being in a band together.


Playing countless shows throughout all the scenes in Texas has always been an inspiration for us. These small towns always bring it every night and those are the type of shows we live for. Without the Texas scene, we wouldn’t have been able to be who we are today. Shout out to McAllen, Laredo, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Angelo and Abilene for always showing us love in Texas!

White Rabbit music venue

Although gone it was how we all became friends. It was our home away from home. Its where our band has had some of the best shows we’ve ever had in this band and all the other projects we’ve been apart of.
Without the white rabbit, I wanna say Fortunes wouldn’t exist.

Exotic Weed

Ask anyone who knows anything about us, haha they’ll let you know how we roll. When we practice, when we write, before we play, after we play, smoking with all of our fans. Just ask and they’ll tell you

Corpus Christi

Our home away from home one of the places that’s shown us, love. Lots of history for us in this city including someone losing their life during our set. Rip Caleb, he will always be a big part of this band’s history as he will Live on through our music.

Laredo, Texas

A place I like to call Circle Pit City, from the border city culture to the beloved dugout venue. A city full of passion for hardcore music. A place we love to play shout out to Jorge and Jorge for always showing love and bringing us to the city

The struggle

We all come from the inner city and pride ourselves in the areas of the city we come from. We use our knowledge we gain from being in the streets and using music as a way to escape the negativity.

“Eternal Hustle” – metalcore / heavy hardcore act FORTUNES unleash new behemoth of an EP
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