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PISSPOOR come with punishing intensity on their new single Sob (Exaltedamomgnations)

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Lubbock TX metallic hardcore unit PISSPOOR have recently dropped a sick, heavy new single “Sob (Exaltedamongnations)”, giving us a good example of what to expect from their forthcoming record “You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb”, to be release on May 1st, via  Goodjunkie Records, a new DIY label focused on underground metal and hardcore bands local to Texas. We sat down with the band’s drummer Duncan Newey to learn more about their story, local scene, and plans for the future.

“A death threat for the individuals who attempt to abuse their power in any religious setting to exploit, violate, and destroy innocent children. May all of these individuals struggle to find peace at the end of their days.”

The band – Pete and I started The band with our old guitarist, Ricky, at our college where we were all studying commercial music. We were all in an ensemble together that was supposed to play heavier songs but the year that I had gotten there the guy who had taken over completely revise the entire class and within three months we were only playing covers from “The Beatles”.

We decided to start our own thing on the side and just play whatever we really wanted to.

This led to us writing our own stuff and eventually becoming a real band after we dropped West Texas Hatred. We also had our buddy Jaden Wells playing guitar in that ensemble and he went on to help us with recording and some of the writing on our first EP but he never really toured with us because he had such a busy work schedule. After Ricky left writing our own stuff and eventually becoming a real band after we dropped the first West Texas hatred demo tape.

I knew Thad a couple years before everybody else since my old band, Neckwringer, and his old band, Rivalry, used to tour all the time together. Both of our bands had pretty nasty breakups after we had done a tour and the van had broken down a good a couple of times. I think everybody was just so tired and wanted to go home at that point but nothing really mattered to anybody. It was super rough on the both of us I feel like. I didn’t have any drive to play music in any band let alone start up a whole new band until I had met Ricky and Pete at school. A few months after we had dropped the demo tape I ran into Thad at a show in Lubbock and immediately asked him if he would be interested in joining. He booked us in Roswell a couple of times to see what we were about and then he finally joined about two months before our first EP was going to be released.

The entire new record is conceptual.

I kind of came up with the idea and gave it to Pete. From there Pete did all of the research, all of the lyrics, everything. Each song I feel should be taken as a separate story from the other, but they all consist of the same theme which is the story of a person who has higher authority in any religious setting who takes advantage of his followers. We all feel like this song is the perfect introduction to our new sound as well. We are finally finding our niche.


Unfortunately, with this COVID-19 mess still going on, we’ve had to drop the majority of our dates for this summer.

However, we are currently working on getting everything rescheduled as well as adding more dates now that we have time to save even more money than we had before. The rest of this year we plan to just tour with the new release and see how far we can get.

The whole virus mess is kind of put a stop on our plans for this summer, but I feel like it is also giving us an opportunity to stay home and work on everything for ourselves. Overall we just have to understand that we are way luckier than other people right now and I think we are all extremely grateful for that.

Texas hardcore scene

We try not to tie in with just the Lubbock scene. We prefer to say that were very active in the west Texas scene instead, seeing that we barely even play at home as it is.

West Texas has some extremely talented bands that I know are going to blow up if they stay on the path that they are right now. Bands like flash right from Lubbock who immediately started gaining traction when they released their EP are what is giving me hope for our scene and I hope many other bands take what they have done as an example. our friends in Ghidorah from Odessa are also making big moves this year. When we play shows with both of those bands we stick out like a sore thumb since were metalcore band and they are definitely not, but I absolutely love watching both of those bands play.

Other bands worth a check

Please for the love of God listen to our friends in Sanity Slip, Backslide, Katabasis, Virtue, Purifier, Ballista, Ghidorah, and Hollowed Out.


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