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EVERGREEN TERRACE drummer seriously injured; needs your help!

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EVERGREEN TERRACE have cancelled our upcoming shows on Soundwave festival 2015 in Australia. Please see the details of a GoFundMe campaign and support him as much as you can! “He’s uninsured with a baby on the way. We are all in shock”, commented the band.

February 6, 2015 was like any other day. Brad got up, kissed me goodbye and went off to work. Brad is a hard worker as a contractor doing home repair and remodeling. He was also getting ready for an Australian tour with his band, Evergreen Terrace, and had gigs lined up with his Nirvana tribute band. I got a phone call that Brad fell 25 ft off a ladder onto a brick sidewalk while working on a house. He was knocked unconcious for over 20 minutes and unaware of where he was once his eyes opened. After a cat scan and x rays the Dr’s moved him to a room to get him ready for surgery. His elbow (ulna) was exposed out of his skin. It could have been much much worse falling onto his back/head from such height. The Dr’s and nurses all say he is very lucky. His elbow was shattered into so many pieces they weren’t sure the extent of his injury. The surgeon estimated a 2.5 hour surgery, platea and screws would be placed in his arm. 4 long hours later I got a call that surgery was completed, it took much longer because there were tiny microscopic pieces of bone that had to be taken out of brads arm, reconstructed, then placed back in. Once in surgery they revealed he not only broke his ulna but his radius bone as well. He was missing a marble size piece of bone also so he has artificial bone in its place. Brad is doing good, he was released from the hospital after a 4 day stay and in pain still which is expected. He has headaches from his fall and some trouble remembering. He will start months of physical therapy to be able to eventually return to work and return to his passion of 20 years, playing drums.

Now we are now faced with medical bills (Brad is uninsured) and months of physical therapy costs. Brad is unable to work and unable to play the drums for months. It is going to be a very long recovery for his arm. Brad loves what he does, he is very passionate about his work and is devistated he cannot play his drums for months. He is such a selfless person and I hate seeing him in pain and so devistated. Brad is the main provider for our household so this will take a toll on us. Sharing this page or any contribution is greatly appreciated.


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