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Brussels, Belgium’s grunge hardcore act is streaming the entire EP below. If you like what you see and hear from these guys, then there’s more good news. They’ve got 2 more gigs planned for 2014 – London show on December 3rd and Sint Niklaas on December 27th. Here’s the official word:

“We’d love to play a whole lot more but the time has come for us to slow down a bit and write our third record. 2014 has been such a great year, playing with some of our all time favourite bands, meeting some of the nicest people ever, our first vinyl…
Everything we get to do is because of your support. Thank you all. First full length in 2015.
This is just the start. Until then. Hibernation.”


Summer comes and colors everything and everyone except me.
Stay in bed, close my eyes, will my death be televised?
Silver summer fades to grey, slowly everything fades away.
Nothing left to say, nothing left to do, but staying in bed, mourning you.

Remember my name.
“Glass veins, glass veins”
Fragile bones, empty shell, pale face.

Will my death be televised?
Will you be there when I close my eyes?

Go here to check out their latest full length album called “Life In The Abyss”. ads
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