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Play hard, scuzz hard! The new twisted NUDE TAYNE LP has landed!

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After two years of hibernation and scuzzin’, Tampa-based NUDE TAYNE is back with the release of their record “Everyday Business.” The band was formed in 2013 as the trio of Nathan (guitar), Leo (drums), and Laith (vocals). Since 2013, they have released 7 records with different lineups, most recently “Nude Beach” which included Danny (bass) and Josh (2nd guitar). “Everyday Business” marks the return of the three-piece Tayne, and a careful ear would find that many hallmarks and characters that the Tayne has put forth in prior albums come together in this album to give the snarfs (that’s you!) who are listening a spazz-tastic collage of what the band has accomplished for the past five years. We have teamed up with the band to give you an insightful tout through each and every track rom the record, and you can check it out below, along with the full stream!

The Tayne does not attach themselves to any sort of genre or attitude to music other than work hard, play hard, and scuzz hard. In “Everyday Business,” every song sounds different from the next and yet still feels related to the entire spirit of the album. The story of the creation of the record is great in itself, as the band only had six days to write, practice, and record the songs in studio. The drumming in particular was done with one hand, as Leo had a broken hand at the time. Lyrics had to be written in two days. So as you can imagine, the Tayne had much, much work to do. The result is an album we are incredibly proud of, consider it the essential Tayne listening experience for those who are unfamiliar with getting snuffed by the Tayne.



“Everyday Business” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Settle in Philadelphia, PA.

“Look at all this splendor!”

Hear them? Do you hear these disgusting snarfs? They’re begging. They’re pleading. They want to be spoiled. They want to be topped off. Screaming at the top of their lungs in their shrill, annoying, baby voices. Will they ever be satisfied, even with all this splendor that they already have? Recommended listening experience for the album: headphones on loud, a dark comfy room, and a Heineken in your hand.

“Dirty Little Brats”

The opening track to “Everyday Business,” it’s the grooviest on the record. Musically, it channels influences of R&B/Pop and Folk but with a Tayne twist. Lyrically, this song touches on multiple topics: epoch change, spoiled men and women, skepticism towards the human race and the self’s ability to attain decency, the anxiety that arises from adopting an atheist world-view. This song basically sums up the spirit of the record lyrically, as the themes are reoccurring throughout.


Little brats today
Human body waste
Little voices beg
Might as well be dead

Witness epoch change
Things will never be the same
State of music such a shame
May I lay this shit to rest?

Alienated, occupation, hate
Themes of the chaotic state
Sitting here, while I wait
Family, friends I’ve come to save

Sick of spoiled brats
Begging for my help
Wish I can my man
But you took it for yourself
What faith I had in the race,
is reduced to self-hatred

Will I overcome this?
This aint new you all
This not original you all
We’ve come together you all
They’ll turn it into profit
With all that I’ve been given
I dont believe in C4
Don’t know why I came here for
Why do I live this shit for?

Will I, wake up from myself?
Should I, tell myself we’ll be ok?
Can I, have faith in our race?
But I, hate those little brats today

Today, those little brats today

So sorry to complain
I’ll toughen up a little
Just worried I am not humane
Staying decent is tough today
I wish to pray
Theres nothing there


This one is the heaviest on the record, and the most violent. The guitar is ramming a semi-truck down your throat while the drums push your fudge in, all at the same time. There are no manners, the vocals aim to kill someone. Lyrically, the specifics are personal, but in all it is about the wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. They claim to do politics, but all they do is ask for donations and have fun with the hard-earned money/work of the local community. This is about anyone who claims to be a social-justice warrior but shitting on the values needed to be a decent human, a decent leader regardless of ideology. I’ll rip a motherfucker’s head off that claims to be a politician yet steals hard earned work from my best friends.


We trusted you
Community followed you
Instead its a show
Using Palestine for fucking coke

Solo sucked it dry
Just another hole
Solo sucked it dry
Fucked my brother too

Just another wolf
Claiming to be pure
Not a Muslim, just a hole
Begging for my pocket change?
I’ll give you brown eye
Instead of my heart
Instead of my heart

Rip your head off

They will steal all
We gave it away

Ripped it from your hand
Gave em your hand
Don’t trust that meathead

“Precious Hands”

Our good friend/band manager/scuzz master/spliff buster Michael did guest vocals on this nice little noise track. The semi-truck violence is still rolling from “Scam,” and Michael also has some grievances to air. There’s nothing wrong with alcohol until you become the alcohol itself. Put your fucking liquor bottle down, you alcoholic spoiled fuck. You’re getting on everyone’s case.


What is it this time?
You narcisstic piece of shit fuck!
You’re drinking man, its like two bottles tonight
You’re twisted! Like all your fucking logic
What do you want man?
What do you mean I’m mad?
You got a problem man!
Leave me alone
I’m going for a walk cause you’re fucking asshole shit is getting on everyones case

“The New Chang”

The longest song on the record, “The New Chang” is good ol’ spoken word post-punk with a beautiful Tayne-style country ballad to end the song. It is a song that continues the topic of the wolves, though it turns into an honest speech about my own shortcomings as a person. But I am also reminding you that my issues are not original, not to be pitied, not begging for you to understand. Overcoming these issues made me who I am today! And the listener is my shrink, so I’m sorry to put that on you! The second half is my pep talk. Not only to myself, but to the people I love the most. I dedicate this half to my love and my best friend Nadine.


Make excuses
Nevermind your passion
Satisfy the appetite
You spoiled little shit

No matter the amount of reason
Force will be needed
Bring them to the knees
Who truly sacrifices?
No fight, all I see is a party
Donated to your cause
A beggar’s game is to whine
That poor lost mind

This parade it gets me goin
For a while I lost my place
I hurt loved ones, made plenty of faults
Was cowardly in the face of truth

My love saved me
I owe her my life
I became dirt
Dirt brain and body
Hard to bury dirt
Honesty cured me

Eh, whatever this story’s not original
Not here for the pity
Not here to beg or whine
Its Thomson Illlinois
Hes sitting in there
Food is shit
Nachos, tuna, watered down cheese
No stove, just hot water
Humbled by the big G

Humbled by the big G
Its all good though, safety is key
Really miss parents
Cant complain though
Shits nothing
Sorry for rambling, just airing it out for a second
Its been a minute, we got something special
Just celebrate it

Even if things are going to shit
Keep the head up, keep it all together
Dont be ashamed, just put your foot down
Theres so much, to be proud of
You seem to believe, you’re not much of anything
But I see the beauty, and you’re my dream, and I

And I wake up

All the times I lost to anxiety
Couldn’t complain so you’re there for me
Freaking out sucks, hoped I wouldn’t scare
Missed you so much, so gracious
Keep me on my toes, keep me decent
Love you so much, my lovely baby
Make sure to never give up
Always work, you’re my heaven, my dream, and I

And I wake up

And hoping I would sing
People get up, bloom where truth bleeds
People get in, and I’ll hope you’ll come around
People say, “hold my hand now”
What do you say?
Hold my hand now

“Tayne on Ice”

An instrumental, Kraut-rock inspired jam that we used to play live. We would play it for 20-30 min straight as an improvised jam. On this record, it serves as a nice one minute and a half interlude. David did a fantastic job mixing all the various tracks we laid down, so that when you hear this interlude multiple times you will find different colors in each listen. Take a breather, snarf. You’re on ice.

“We’re Almost There”

This is our happiest sounding song on the record, and yet the song is about suicidal thoughts and overcoming them. When that voice takes over your head and says “do it,” it’s an incredibly difficult situation for a human to overcome. I try to express that in this song, the “they” are the voices, the ones not of my own free will, telling me to just do it. And I will even go as far as to claim that suicidal thoughts take this form quite often in people, in various degrees of severity. But as the end of the song goes, through all the troubles we are going through, with all the dirty spoiled fuck snarfs we co-habit with on Earth, there really is beauty in the world we are all a part of. It may be hard to dig out, you may have to swim through shit to get there. But it is there. I found it in my family and friends, in the music I make with my friends, in the little things in life that I’ve neglected in favor of temporary pleasures. That’s where I believe true humanity lies, an appreciation for the little things. To find an appreciation for the little things again, to finally get back there, is my best advice to anyone battling suicidal thoughts. This song, and album, is dedicated to those suffering from anxiety and depression. I hope that it helps you on your journey.


Right through my head there is a bullet
The gun that only holds that Only Bullet

Through all that spit, somebody loves

Hit my head, steal my head
I’m bleedin in my head
You see the only way
I see the only way

Oh, my fears

Steal my head, they steal my head
To call for me to quit
To grab the sins for measure
Drink beer to take the edge off

Oh my fears, hold my head
See what they’re in

They steal my head, they steal my head
Would I only care, for my enemy?

Now hold my head, suck my fears
Cut your head, see what makes our self

Through all the lamentations
Through all the conversations
Through all the confrontations
Through all the limitations

Love we’re almost there

Through all the conversations
Through all the limitations
Through all the deportations
Through all the lamentations

Love we’re almost there

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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