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I have teamed up with Domino Media Agency and Swiss post hardcore / mathcore band NO SUN IN SAN FRANCISCO to offer you an exclusive stream of the band’s debut full length album titled  “Principles and particles”! Check out the exclusive commentary from the band and the full stream below! I’m stoked! And so should you be too! :)

Formed in Lausanne by Juan Pablo, Bruno Allaki, Etienne Ducommun, Bruno Cetrangolo & Raul Bortolotti (also in Kruger), NO SUN IN SAN FRANCISCO creates its own and intense musical path, between bestial post-core and high-technical math-rock. For fans of CULT OF LUNA, NEUROSIS and CONVERGE.

Taste the band’s new work and check out the exclusive commentary their shared with me:

They commented:

This is our debut album. The goal was to make a heavy, spontaneous full length. We really tried to put no restrictions in the writing process in terms of style or sounds. It’s definitely metal but it’s hard (at least for us) to define the entire recording with just one word. We like to say it sounds like “post-something”. 

Most of the work, including the recording, has been done at our rehearsal place which is a cosy anti-nuclear shelter lost somewhere in Switzerland’s countryside. It’s calm (and safe from any chemical attack) and being at « home » to record is just a real comfort, you don’t have to worry about a tight studio schedule and you save a lot of money so… We just got at the Wood Studio Recording in Lausanne for a few days to record the drums that needed a bigger, « woodier » room. All the recording / mixing / mastering was handled by Raphaël Bovey (responsible, along many others, of RORCALl’s and ZATOKREV‘s last albums and also drummer in Kruger with Raul, our guitarist). This album was a tough one to mix, lots of guitar tracks, many sounds and soundscapes. Trust me, the mixing screen looked like it was possessed by Satan himself sometimes! But Raphaël did an hell of a job and we are very happy with the final result! We hope you like it, you can check a making of the process on our facebook page.

NSISF album

NSISF cover

NSISF band

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