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EXCLUSIVE: DENOUNCER premiere “Crooked Path” video!

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I have teamed up with Hotfoot Records to give you the premiere of the official music video for “Crooked Path”, a new track off “Bad Faith”, the new album from Florida darkened hardcore assault known as DENOUNCER.

This Panama City based group serves a solid dose of powerful vocals and chaotic guitar riffs that will make you take notice! Check out the video below. This picture was directed by Cameron Nunez.

DENOUNCER commented:

Crooked Path is about children that have to grow up without a parent and the struggle of coping with that.

The world revolves around individuals that can not think or gather opinions for their self. Topic’s such as religion, politics, music, and over all lifestyles are taken in without being questioned and accepted. “Bad Faith” is about exactly that. It is to encourage people to think outside the box and to live their lives as they choose to and not based off what others are doing.



I’ll stay empty if I never find truth
An endless tunnel, low light shining through
I’m not the same since we last spoke
A mountain pass where I drag my feet
Hang my head
The name I carry is still haunting me
A mountain pass covered in snow
I’m not the same since we last spoke
I can’t face myself; I’m jagged like a spur
And I never got a chance to call you a coward

“Bad Faith” album: Recorded by Javan Irving. Mixed & Mastered by Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recording. Album artwork by Robert Sather.

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