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EXCLUSIVE: Destroy Your World Inc. / STRENGTH APPROACH interview!

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DESTROY YOUR WORLD INC. is a new hardcore punk label born from the union of two minds blending the old and new breed of Roma hardcore. The official word says it all, you might say. But I say no! The first official interview says it all :) Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, Alex from DTW / STRENGTH APPROACH  tells us about the beginnings of this project, the new stuff from TRACES OF YOU, FOR THE GLORY, MARK MY WORDS and more punk bands from here and there. Lots of fun. I’ve almost made him reveal some  sweet news for Idioteq, but it wasn’t too easy ;) See for yourself!

Get their free sampler at this location and come back to see what’s driving its growth.


Hey! It’s cool talking to you, man. Please tell us about how you decided to start this new label.

Basically I came up with the idea of starting a side project band to STRENGTH APPROACH and this was meant to be a worldwide hardcore project called Destroy Your World with me singing and traveling/touring with some other good friends wherever it was possible to hit the road…no matter if it was in the U.S.,Europe or Australia if you know what I mean!At the same time I felt the urge to give something in return to the hardcore scene and at the end of the day I turned this project into the label and get my brother Domenico-who used to play with STRENGTH APPROACH -into it.

We had some chats last summer and we discussed about the idea of focusing on vinyl releases as well as picture disc and limited edition stuff for all those bands which deserve our support then we decided to spread out the name with a free cd sampler called “Back on the map vol.1” featuring the new breed of the Italian hardcore along with well established names in order to help both to cross the borders and get the people to know a bit more about the scene in Italy and the label as well.

The feedback from the bands was great and the kids appreciated it….tons of copies have been sent out and lots of things are going on these days at the DYW HQ because there are so many hard working bands we want to support and it feels good to be back on track with the label thing even if I spent the last 15 years on the other side as a musician.

We are damn siked with our first real release (The FOR THE GLORY “Some kids have no face” picture disc 12″) and we signed a couple of bands beside the releases we already planned. I think its a good period for the European hardcore scene because there are tons of good bands and the kids are paying attention to what’s going on!

Yeah, the compilation is really great, man. Cograts on that. So does it mean you’re focusing on vinyl only?

Are you tight with the Portuguese hardcore crews and labels? What other bands from Portugal do you have your eye on?

Thanx man. Basically we are focusing on vinyl releases only because it doesnt make sense in my opinion to release a cd these days. That kind of support has no value and it wont last through the times…people love to download records and play them on their iphone but if they really dig something vinyl is the only support worth spend some money on.

Well,Portugal has been the first country we toured with Strength Approach back on 2000 or so and we def love that country. At the moment FOR THE GLORY are the only band from that area we are working with even if we got friends bands like DEVIL IN ME or MORE THAN A THOUSAND which deserve your support.


Definitely, man. So let’s move on to DYW002, which is STRENGTH APPROACH’s “Roma Hardcore State Of Mind”. How’s the progress on this release?

Actually it’s gonna be DYW003 because meanwhile we signed TRACES OF YOU for their new album coming out in December as DYW002. By the way we are in the middle of writing the new songs for this picture disc EP produced by Mitts from MADBALL. It will feature four brand new songs and it will be our best material to date even if every time we say that.

Oh, sorry for that. When will this be available? Any plans to support it with a video first?

Well, it will come out in Jan hopefully in time for the Asian tour we have at that time. Beside this we have a cool European tour in May with NO TURNING BACK, WORLD EATER, RISK IT! and REDEMPTION DENIED, but I’m pretty sure we’ll hit the road more and more in between.

About the video the answer is a big yes! I love the visual aspect when it comes to video and all. We are currently shooting a video for the song “In the belly of the beast” out of our previous album because it deals with church child abuse but we’ll have something out for the new EP too.

Awesome! Are you booking shows for this trek as we speak?

Not really! One Voice Records Asia will be in charge for the Asian tour because we’ll play pretty much everywhere once we get there. On the euro front MAD is always in charge for the booking even if the tour in May will be booked by Stronger Bookings and its gonna be more d.i.y. with some help from Destroy Your World Inc.

no turning back

Does NO TURNING BACK has anything with MAD Booking NOT booking this run? [smiles] What’s up with this hassle between them. Do you know the details?

Concerning NO TURNING BACK and MAD I really have no clue and I’m not a gossip kinda guy [smiles].

[laughs] Alright. So let’s go back to the numeration. DYW004 equals MARK MY WORDS’ “The Indicators”, right? Tell us about those guys, the release and their touring plans.

Exactly! Well, we met these guys on our first Australian tour and since then it’s been a family thing. We love and respect our Aussie brothers and they deserve some good feedbacks here in Europe. We got plans to release their new record over here on 2013 and help them out with some shows/tours in order to promote the new release and spread the word a little bit. They already toured with STRENGTH APPROACH a couple of years ago and I think it’s time to bring them back to Europe.

Cool. Speaking of Europe, tell us about some of the best and most active scenes out there. I’ve heard a lot of stories about the East being much better that the West [smiles]. The western audience seems to be more cheesed off, they have simply too many gigs out there [laughs]. At the same time, in Belarus for example, Polish bands receive ridiculous feedback from hundreds of fans that know the lyric by heart and give 100% every-single-night. Have you observed such a polarization?

Well, in my opinion eastern Europe is way more hungry for music and live shows and that’s a positive thing. We played eastern Europe and Poland in the past and every time we had a great time with an enthusiastic crowd. At the moment we are working on the next shows and hopefully we’ll hit that area soon.

Ok, so what’s up next? Is the TRACES OF YOU release the last on the map for the moment?

The TRACES OF YOU new album is coming up next and you’d be better check this band out if you are into bands like TRIAL and TERROR with a positive message. They will be touring from November on to back up the release of their album but don’t forget to check their page and the show section.

for the glory

Have you got any other releases planned? Would you like to reveal something new for us? [smiles]

We got a bunch of releases we are working on but we cannot tell yet [smiles]. Keep follow us and you’ll find out more very soon!

I understand [smiles]. Are they all strictly hardcore punk? Are you planning to broaden your reach to post metal, screamo or some experimental tunes perhaps?

Basically we want to release whatever fits our idea of hardcore but we are really open minded and who knows what the future will bring [smiles].

Alright. And how about a showcase gig, or even a festival. Have you been thinking about launching one?

I wanted to do a showcase at the end of December with most of the Italian bands featured on the free sampler but its not possible at that time because there’s another festival in the same period. We’ll try to find another date and set it straight soon!

Cool. So tell me, Alessandro. What is the difference between DESTROY YOUR WORLD and other hardcore labels?

The difference?? Mmm it’s just that our label is you gest than others. No, I’m kidding…I would say that it’s a DIY hardcore label run by people who play in a band who know what an hard working band needs.

Alright. About the bands, once again. I wonder… how do you choose the bands? What are the chances of signing a pack that contacts you first?

Well, at the moment we are signing just bands we love or we personally know as hard working ones but we are really open to any new offer and contact for the future [smiles]

Ok, so on the other side, are there some bands you would really like to work with?

There are tons of good bands we are looking forward to work with but since it might be a secret for now I’ll let you know more when everything is set.

Damn, suddenly you became mysterious [laughs].

What would you say to those who download rips of your releases?

I can’t tell or else someone is gonna kill me [smiles] By the way the download thing is a fact and since we release vinyl only and eventually picture disc I think that if the kids dig what we produce they will be keen to buy but downloading is welcome anyway because we are not a big company and its not really gonna kill us.

Cool [smiles] What else would you like us to know about Destroy Your World Inc.? What else are you cooking up there?

Well! The good thing about DYW is the fact that we started this label as a side project if you know what I mean and we are not trying to act as if this is our job because it would not make sense. People in the hardcore scene should be realistic about the current situation when it comes to money and business but sometimes I have the feeling that some labels think they are the new Warner or Sony and that’s bullshit. You are trying to get some secret news, aren’t you? [laughs]

Damn right I’m trying. And you’re not cooperating [laughs].


Alex, what shows are looking forward to in the coming months?

[laughs] I can’t man! Well, I can’t wait to hit the road again with STRENGTH APPROACH and there’s tons of stuff going on for us worldwide. We have some shows in Europe till the end of the year but the 2013 will start with a blasting tour in China, Japan and South East Asia followed by more European tours as you already know [smiles].

[smiles] Alright man, so that’s about it, right? Feel free to add anything you want. Leave us with what I forgot to ask about, share some message with the worldwide hardcore scene, tell me what band do you think I should interview next [smiles]. Thanks so much for your time!

Looking back to the questions I guess you asked pretty much everything and people would like to find out more by getting in touch with us [laughs]. I feel blessed for all I have and what the hardcore offered me through the years and once again I want to say that its not and will never be a passing phase to step into the “real adult world”. Fuck that shit! Well, give a shout to TRACES OF YOU because they are a young hard working band and they deserve your attention. Much love and respect! Alex

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