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EXCLUSIVE: HISTORY OF THE HAWK streams a new track!

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To celebrate the release of HISTORY OF THE HAWK‘s brand new album titled “Future Ruins”, we are giving you a chance to taste it. Here’s “Pony Club”, the number 14th from the outing that premiered earlier today via In At The Deep End Records (also available from all good retailers).

Following up from their extremely well received debut EP called “Ocean”, HISTORY OF THE HAWK return with their incredible debut full length taking the sound they developed on their previous release to a whole new level.

Blending the 90’s DC Dischord Records hardcore style that made bands like FUGAZI so big with more contempory bands like CONVERGE and GALLOWS, and everything in-between, HISTORY OF THE HAWK have developed a sound that is as angry as it is unique. “Future Ruins” is brimming with off-kilter time signatures and sandpaper riffing, but whilst it’s chaotic and at times dark it also manages to be hugely catchy and the melodies run all the way it’s 15 tracks.

HISTORY OF THE HAWK have drawn their line in the sand with this release go join them on their side of it, it’s the only mildly safe place to be!

Check out our exclusive interview with the band at this location.

history of the hawk 2


Rocksound 8/10
If you can somehow envisage being thrown from a car window and straight into a jet engine, you’ve managed to grasp the unpredictable ferocity that a History Of The Hawk listening experience provides, Their overall sound may be truly confusing amalgamation of various sub-genres, but it’s a combination that proves bizarrely fruitful as it fearlessly guides the listener through wholly unverving terrain, constantly leaving you on edge via a mixture of fearless experimentation and extremely wellhoned hardcore sensibilities, Exposively jagged and consistently thrilling throughout, ‘Future Ruins’ is an absolute juggernaut of relentless sonic terror.

Mass Movement
Forget about the story of a mechanical eagle which supposedly landed on the moon in 1969. 2012 is the year of the Hawk. Damn, how intense can one band be? ‘Future Ruins’ is the band’s first full length, released shortly after their EP, ‘Ocean’ and comes only one-and-a-half years after their inception. Noisy, chaotic rock this amazing, shouldn’t be possible for five young English lads to come up with and create.

This is wonderful madness. With whips and fierce looking dogs, with mighty fangs, the music is barely kept under control. History Of The Hawk look to the very edges of where the beauty of music borders on the end of all we hold dear. Twisting like Refused, grinding like Converge, and yet grooving like Fugazi, under a thick blanket of unholy razorsharp screams. The intensity almost becomes too much at times.

I’m glad this review is from the download, as if I’d had the vinyl, it would surely have crept out of its sleeve at night to kill all who stood in its way and murder me in my sleep. One of the best, and most violent records, of the year. Humanity beware, History Of The Hawk are here to ruin the future for each and every one of us, and it’s this ruined future that I’m looking forward to with a smile on my face – Martijn Welzen

Big Cheese 4/5
Pleasingly intense angular noise on this midland outfit’s debut. Sometimes it feels like there are all too few UK bands willing to eschew melodic hooks and instead make their play for wider recognition with a more uncompromising sound, But the West Midlands outfit set their stall out from the off with the short, sharp blast of ‘Descending Light’, and there’s little let up from there on in – with the exception of the expansive ‘Terraforming’, which anchors the aural abrasiveness surrounding it in impressive style. With hints of the frenzied assault of Converge, the off-kilter stylings of Fugazi and the ballsy punk rock of Gallows, this is an invigorating, intriguing album. Nick Mann

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