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ROCK BOTTOM premiere “Committed”!

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We are proud to announce a stream and a free download of ROCK BOTTOM‘s brand new song called “Committed”, off their upcoming release “Down With The Devil”, to be released on October 30th as a free download! Check back in a week to grab the entire album!

Click the arrow button on the right (not to be confused with the artwork) to download the track and load it onto your mp3 player.

rock bottom 2

“If you’re from Philly and you haven’t heard of ROCK BOTTOM then you’ve got wax in your ears and idiots for friends. As for the rest of you maggots reading this, if there’s one reason for you to tune into East Coast hardcore, it’s the devastating, bone-breaking riffs on their debut full-length “Down With the Devil”.

After only three years as a band, ROCK BOTTOM has managed to play 3 major hardcore fests and develop a die-hard fanbase from their back catalog of 7″s and demos. Still, despite selling countless stupid T-shirts, ROCK BOTTOM decided they weren’t ready to quit riffing and banged out another 8 songs to destroy your puny eardrums and mash your testicles into squirrel food.

Not only does “Down With The Devil” redefine hardcore/metal crossover, but it does so without sucking a single precious penny out of your pockets. That’s right maggots – this Halloween, ROCK BOTTOM‘s debut full length “Down With the Devil” will tear your face to shreds FOR FREE. The band will be posting the full length for free download at a link accessible through their Facebook among other websites. So, stop beating your dick into oblivion, head over to ROCK BOTTOM‘s Facebook, and give yourself some real aural pleasure.

We recently talked to the band about the new album and some other stuff. Make sure to check it out!

rock bottom

Once again, here’s the artwork for the album:
rock bottom 2

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