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On September 17th, 2012 we conducted an interview with UNDESIRABLE PEOPLE, a punk rock band from Detroit, who released their new EP “Eugenics” on September 4th via South Division Records (THE JOY OF PAINTING’s label). Check out their music and our quick chat below.

undesirable people

Hey! What’s up guys? You’ve just released your “Eugenics” EP. How’s the feedback and your promotion going?

The feedback for this release has been great. We’re very pleased with how the EP has turned out. A lot of positive reviews and we can’t wait to get it in the ears of more listeners. We’ve done a lot of promotion for Eugenics, passing out flyers and promo cards at malls and shows all around the midwest. Though online promotion is important, we try and focus on in person promotion just as much. We’ve met some great people at music stores and records shops who have helped us out a lot.

How was the release show?

The release show was truly something special. So many people came out to support and everyone had an awesome time. Could not have asked for a better lineup, all of our closest friends were either playing or just there to support. Had a good reaction to playing new material in the set, and everyone was helping us sing the old tunes. Perfect way to kick off this month’s tour. We tour in hopes that one day every gig will feel as good as that one.

From what we’ve seen from your photos, the September trek went just fine [smiles]. Any crazy stories from the road you’d like to share?

One night on this tour we slept next to LYNYRD SKYNYRD in a parking lot in New York. We saw a semi flipped over once and then we found a swimming hole…. it was literally just a hole … for swimming. We’ve also been lost in Montreal with no phones, no gps and no clue how to read French. We’ve slept in mansions, stayed in grungy apartments and in parking lots (countless times). Boring day out on the road trumps most days back at home.

Lots of musicians go sad after coming back from tour. What’s it like being back in your town? What everyday jobs and activities are you coming back to?

Coming home from tour is going to be a bummer for sure! Most of us work retail so our “Christmas season” is coming up soon. We’re looking forward to going home to make a little bit of cash and hang with some friends. I’m sure we’ll lay in our beds and play video games a lot too. But really we just want to get back out there.

What’s coming up next for the band? Can we expect a tour announcement this year?

We’ll definitely be touring more to support Eugenics. Expect some more dates throughout the end of the year. Stay updated with us!

Ok. 2 years, 2 EPs. What about a full length? Are you guys heading back into the studio sometime soon? [smiles]

We pretty much never stop writing. When we get home, we plan to start demoing out some new tunes pretty much immediately. If we’re not playing shows, we’re at home working on our music. Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but we would love to release a full-length some time in the future.

You signed with South Division Records over a year ago. How the label has been treating you? Have you been thinking about moving to a bigger one?

S/D has been amazing for us. The best part about South Division is the strong DIY mindset that we share. They don’t just put out our release, they help us fully manufacture it. From stamping the cover to actually folding paper into a sleeve. They are hard-working and honest dudes that want the music to speak for itself and we respect that more than anything.

I think a dream of all bands is to be on a bigger label. We’re going to keep grinding at it and if something comes up we’d be happy to keep pushing forward.

Tell us about your best music pals in Detroit. Any cool bands you’d like to recommend?

There’s a lot of cool bands from Detroit. Check out WILSON, LIVE IT OUT, SQUID THE WHALE, GOOD LUCK VARSITY, THARSIS THEY, THE ARMED and AMERICAN OPERA to name a few. All talented dudes who make real, honest music!

Are you into heavier music? Do you attend to hardcore and metal shows?

Yes, we love hardcore music actually. We’ve all grown up listening to a wide variety of hardcore and metal bands. Though we aren’t the heaviest band in the world, heavy music still has had a big influence on the way that we play. If the line-up looks right, of course we’ll head to a show!

Thanks! Any last words?

Check out Eugenics on Itunes, spotify, or anywhere else you can find albums these days. Come out to a show or two or three. Everything can be found at www.facebook.com/undesirablepeople. Thanks for your time!


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