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DEAD CROSS – experimental hardcore punk supergroup feat. Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson and Michael Crain to release debut record; new track streaming

DEAD CROSS, the new supergroup featuring Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson, and Michael Crain, have announced a new album, slated for an August 4th release via Ipecac label. They have released the first single “Grave Slave” and you can hear it below!

Mike Patton commented for Rolling Stone magazine:

“Let’s be honest, being in a band like this at almost 50 years old is a little comical. I’m not some young tough guy trying to prove a point anymore. For me to make a record like this, it’s entirely a musical adventure. I just think it’s fun, and it makes me smile and laugh a lot.”

“To me, it is a traditional hardcore record. It is very pointed, direct and visceral. Like, I wasn’t going to play keyboards, add samples or any kind of orchestration. It was like, ‘Yo, just go for it.’ In some ways, it reminded me of stuff that we had collectively all grown up with and loved when we were like teenagers – bands like the Accüsed, Deep Wound or Siege, stuff that was just brutal, uncompromising and right to the point. I was listening to all those bands again before this came to be, so it was already back infused in my blood. And now I got a chance to do a pencil-in-your-eye record.” (…) go here to read the full story


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