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Monster noisy grindcore hybrid FULL OF HELL unveil their new record ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy’

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Maryland/Pennsylvania’s impossibly noisy grind metal quartet rind/noise quartet FULL OF HELL have unleashed the full stream of their new shocking record “Trumpeting Ecstasy”, now officially released and available on CD/LP/Digital. This is the most devastating, dynamic and sky melting FULL OF HELL release to date.  The band’s crowning achievement. Listen below, watch a new music video for the title track Trumpeting Ecstasy, and go here to see their upcoming live dates.

When the dust has settled at the album’s end, there isn’t anything left to dissect, no rubble to examine. The band has done a thorough job of bringing scorching ruin to everything in their path. Trumpeting Ecstasy is an auditory equivalent to complete nuclear warfare. This is a crushing and monstrous effort on the part of Full of Hell, and saying Trumpeting Ecstasy has topped anything they’ve put out so far isn’t hyperbolic enough to describe how impressive of a release this is. With this album, Full of Hell have catapulted themselves into the absolute upper echelons of extreme music. Nobody is ready. Brace yourselves. / Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Yet there is a method to all the madness, a sort of natural structure underlining the record. “Digital Prison” and “Crawling Back to God” are strikingly different songs, but flow into one another and compliment each other so well that it would be hard to imagine them being a part. Bouts of fury and pummeling hysteria are met with odd calm, like in the album’s title track, which may seem jarring at first but are elucidating in context. All of this comes together in the confines of a short but explosive collection; a tighter and more dense creation than Full of Hell have ever done. Trumpeting Ecstasy may not surpass the brilliance of the collaborative works with Merzbow, or even The Body, but Full of Hell’s prolificity has not dulled the brilliance that has always been there. / Sputnik Music

“Gnawed Flesh” is a crawler that fuses the DNA of Man is the Bastard and Hellhammer and acts as a dynamic segue into the infectious, Brutal Truth-styled grind of “Ashen Mesh.” All this comes in advance of the two aforementioned closing tracks which feature one noticeable surprise: the absence of the usual amounts of power electronic/industrial noise compared to the amounts the band has previously employed. Whether this is simply where they’re at at this particular juncture in time, a scaling back considering the amount of noise that went into the collaborative records or a sign of things to come, only they know, but having Full of Hell pretty much put their collective head down and ram into your solar plexus at full force isn’t a bad thing either. / Metal Injection

The album surprisingly dials back some of the more pronounced noise elements you’d expect from Full of Hell, but it doesn’t feel as though anything is missing, especially with the abrasive title track. The song features a beat provided by the Body’s Lee Buford and stunning vocals from Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger, which create a stark dichotomy that is both deeply threatening and captivatingly ethereal. Trumpeting Ecstasy is the culmination of Full of Hell really coming into their own, exuding the confidence that comes along with refining their stylistic approach and honing their sound into something that is completely theirs. / Exclaim.ca

Shrugging genre trappings while embracing them to the point of blissful suffocation, Trumpeting Ecstasy is a true testament to this band’s staying power within their stylistic circles. In fact the album is painstakingly rooted in being uninviting, in being ugly, in being wrathful. Full of Hell have made a career of menacing any expectations, of challenging senses and sensibilities alike and with Trumpeting Ecstasy they turn that playful offense into an art form. This is Full of Hell’s unflinching masterwork. Shudder in awe and terror. / Cvlt Nation

There’s a part of me that wants to classify Trumpeting Ecstasy as the culmination of Full of Hell to date, but last year they put out a split, a live record, and their collaboration with The Body, so this may only be the beginning of another aural attack.  I can say it feels like their most fully developed in terms of song construction and sound manipulation, and it’s a crowning blast of noise for the first half of 2017.  Let Full of Hell bleed into your mind and relish in the abrasions left behind by this scorcher. / Nine Circles


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