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Experimental industrial rockers TOTE KINDER unleash their wild take on noise rock and industrial with “No Gene Will Save Us Now”

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In the crucible of Athens, a city etched with history yet pulsing with a modern heartbeat, emerges an industrial noise-rock duo that turns the upheaval of global crises into a sonic manifesto. Quarantined in their artistic inception, the band’s gestation period was marinated in the socio-political maelstrom that Greece—and indeed the world—found itself in during the early 2020s.

The result is their debut, “No Gene Will Save Us Now,” an album that eschews the traditional track-by-track dissection for a holistic auditory experience.

The duo, whose names are conspicuously absent as if to let their work speak the loudest, are products of more melodious musical lineages, yet found a mutual catharsis in the cacophony of dissonant riffs and the anarchic embrace of noise-rock. “It became quickly very clear that we had a lot to scream about,” they admit, their music a conduit for the existential dread and stifled cries against an increasingly Orwellian backdrop.

Recorded at Ignite Music Studio under the aegis of George Christoforidis, the album is a child of both isolation and defiance. The band’s influences are worn as badges of honor; the American duo The Austerity Program echoes in their use of a drum machine, injecting a robotic precision that complements their raw guitar work.


Their newest offering is an unflinching commentary on a nation under the thumb of an authoritarian regime, where pandemics serve as a pretext for draconian law enforcement, and where the individual’s voice is as endangered as the concept of freedom itself. Yet, within this grim tapestry, the band locates a thread of hope: the potential for a counterculture to rise from the ashes and tell the story from the ground up.

“No Gene Will Save Us Now” comes as a zeitgeist captured in waveforms, a mirror held up to the world’s face, not to reflect what we want to see, but what we must confront. It’s a call to arms for the silent, an elegy for the lost, and a siren for the yet-to-come.

In the end, the band doesn’t just scream into the void—they invite the void to scream back.

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