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TOXIC SHOCK rises again with new crossover banger – listen to ‘Reborn’

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From the undercurrents of Antwerp’s underground scene, where the echoes of thrash metal and hardcore punk collide, we once again give you Toxic Shock, a band that has been relentlessly carving its name into the hearts of the underground community.

Their latest offering, ‘Reborn‘ was born amidst the dimming days of September and the nascent chill of October 2023, under the watchful eye of Martin Furia. Furia, known for his guitar prowess in the German thrash titans Destruction and his own venture, Bark, has lent his expertise to this track, infusing it with a raw, unfiltered energy that Toxic Shock has become synonymous with. The recording, mixing, and mastering in Antwerp have encapsulated not just sound, but the essence of a band at a pivotal moment in their journey.

The lyrics of ‘Reborn‘ speak volumes about the transformation and self-introspection. The opening lines, “I still wanna start fires / wanna riot the world,” immediately immerse the listener in a whirlwind of angst and rebellion. But as the song progresses, it reveals a deeper narrative โ€“ a story about growing older, about moving beyond the shelter of youthful rage.

Wally, the band’s vocalist, describes ‘Reborn‘ as a struggle against falling into the abyss of negativity and maintaining a positive outlook despite the trials of age. It’s about breaking free from nihilism, a sentiment that resonates deeply with anyone who’s ever fought to keep their inner flame alive.

Since their first show in 2011 with Black Breath, they have shared stages across Belgium, Holland, the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and France with heavyweights like Exodus, Cro-Mags, Power Trip, AF, Suicidal Tendencies, Municipal Waste, DRI, Poison Idea, Testament, and Iron Reagan.

Their sound, a maelstrom of eighties Venice bands influences, Slayer, old Metallica, and NYHC, is a tribute to their roots while constantly evolving.

The band’s journey culminates on December 2nd, as they celebrate 13 years of relentless thrash punk, making at TRIX, where ‘Reborn’ will undoubtedly be a highlight, heralding a new chapter for Toxic Shock.

Toxic Shock

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Check out the new high energy banger from SOULPRISON:

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