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EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY open a vortex of sonic exploration in new album “End”

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As the needle drops on another chapter of their storied career, Explosions In The Sky unrolls a panoramic, genre-defying narrative in their latest opus, “End.” Today marks the unveiling of this album, a magnum creation that transcends what we typically expect from instrumental rock.

With a reputation already cemented by an extensive discography and myriad soundtrack contributions, the band’s sonic mastery has yet again flowered in a myriad of ambitious ways on this, their seventh studio release.

So, what makes “End” an event in the timeline of a band that has never sounded formulaic? It’s the sensation of moving through intricately designed musical landscapes without ever feeling rushed. The band’s calculated maneuvering of instruments yields music that feels both precise and luxuriously expansive.

In a nuanced dialect of tones and timbres, “End” articulates messages that are at once ambiguous and piercingly direct.

Explosions In The Sky

One might be inclined to think that a title like “End” signals some form of conclusion for the band, but the musicians have clarified that the name signifies anything but a finale. This album serves more as an affirmation, a testimonial to their enduring lineup and the ability to sustain an aesthetic that fans have loved for years.

But let’s not misconstrue this consistency as creative stagnation. While “End” doesn’t radicalize their portfolio, it resonates as a majestic testament to the band’s legacy. It’s an enthralling 40-plus-minute auditory journey that makes for a worthy addition to their oeuvre, leaving us eager for the tales they have yet to tell.

Explosions In The Sky

End” drops today, September 15, 2023, under the label Temporary Residence LTD. Mark your calendars also for their upcoming tour spanning North America, Europe, and the UK from September 15 to November 20, 2023.

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