xiron sharpens ironx by Ryland H.
xiron sharpens ironx by Ryland H.
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“Babe” by GLASSJAW gets a new version from hardcore band xIRON SHARPENS IRONx

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Fresh off their recent renditions of some of rock’s most iconic tracks, xIRON SHARPENS IRONx is once again tapping into the cover song game with their forthcoming release. This time around, they’re giving their metalcore twist to post hardcore classic, “Babe” by Glassjaw, a standout track from the 2000 album, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence.

The cover just premiered online, complete with a fresh merch line to be showcased at their gig next weekend at Mulligan’s Pub, where they’ll share the stage with Nociception, Goddokira, and Implicator.

This isn’t the band’s first journey into the world of covers. Earlier this year, they reworked Foo Fighters’ “My Hero” into a poignant sonic plea for suicide prevention. Their metallic hardcore edge also gave DEFTONES’ “Engine No. 9” and Hatebreed’s “Smash Your Enemies” new, raw dimensions.

xiron sharpens ironx

While the band primarily operates within the realms of metalcore and hardcore, their diverse selection of covers pays homage to a variety of musical influences.

Here’s the original version of the song, by Glassjaw:


Emerging from the musical fragments of various projects in Muskegon, Michigan, xIRON SHARPENS IRONx merges the architectural essence of hardcore songwriting with the darker, more brutal textures of black and death metal, the band has crafted a genre-blurring identity.

xiron sharpens ironx

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