Fakes - Volume Two
Fakes - Volume Two
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“Fakes” compilation – breathing life into fictional movie soundtracks

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In the creative sphere where reality blends with fiction, the music scene has recently witnessed a fascinating development. An ensemble of contemporary bands is breathing life into music from movies and TV shows, performing covers of songs by fictional bands. This cool project has set the stage for “Fakes Compilations,” a unique concept where bands infuse reality into make-believe musical pieces.

Heavy Lag‘s contribution to the Fakes compilation series is “Friday Night” from “I Think You Should Leave“, underscoring the fascinating mesh of real and fictitious musical elements, and today we are pleased to give you its first listen below.

To ensure that the idea remains grounded in good faith, all profits from the digital sales and cassette tapes of the Fakes compilations are allocated to charity. For the second volume, participating bands unanimously chose The Innocence Project, a nonprofit organization that works diligently to exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and catalyzes the reform of the criminal justice system.

The brainchild behind this intriguing idea is Drunk Dial Records, a label that was conceived around a bar table. Born from the offhand idea of having bands create a record under the influence of alcohol, Drunk Dial has evolved to be more than just a whimsical concept.

Fakes - Volume Two
Fakes – Volume Two

The label focuses on the relationship between music, emotion, and story-telling. The Drunk Dial modus operandi is simple yet profound: challenge musicians to write and record an original song, along with a classic cover, all in a day, and under the influence. The objective is to push artists out of their comfort zone, leading to raw, emotionally charged music that listeners would otherwise not have the chance to experience.

Heavy Lag’s “Friday Night” is among several unique contributions to the Fakes compilation. Other featured artists include Inject The Light, The Withers, Monomanias, Watermelon, Broken Gold, Half Catholic, Lo – Five, Matt K Shrug, Night Surf, The Sorels, and The Dumpies. Each artist brings a distinct flavor to their interpretation, making the compilation a must-have for fans of both the real and the fictional.

Fakes - Volume Two
Fakes – Volume Two

What lies at the heart of this project is the playful intermingling of reality and fiction, combined with a sense of camaraderie and shared creative spirit. As real bands breathe life into fictional songs, listeners get to traverse the intriguing landscapes where art imitates, and in this case, enhances life.

The inclusion of charity in the mix adds a touch of conscientious responsibility, highlighting that even as musicians explore new creative realms, they remain grounded in real-world issues. The result is a blend of eclectic music that resonates not only with the ears but also with the heart and the mind.


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