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On identity in culture – Kansas City hardcore band SPINE teasing new album “Raíces”

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Incepted in 2011, SPINE, a blend of Kansas City hardcore and powerviolence, has always thrived by its unique ethos. The band now joyfully reveals their association with Convulse Records for the launch of their third studio album, Raíces, scheduled for June 30th release.

SPINE has masterfully composed twelve riveting tracks that resonate with the album title’s translation, “roots”, emphasizing cultural identity and self-discovery. Their latest single, “P.O.C.”, is a volatile 42-second musical offering inspired by vocalist Antonio Marquez’s Cuban-American experiences and the cruciality of amplifying marginalized voices. The track’s visual counterpart, directed by Taylor Stribrny, combines a live band performance with retro footage.

Marquez sheds light on the song’s theme: “It addresses the tendency of ‘white’ people to hold opinions on issues that don’t directly impact them. As a result, they often try to contradict your experiences and history. They frequently encroach on matters, overshadowing the voices of those who should champion their own causes and deserve visibility. This phenomenon isn’t restricted to global conflicts, it pervades local disputes too. The essence is to sit back and comprehend our experiences. You’ve either lived through and empathized with them, or you haven’t.”

Given their impressive portfolio of eight releases, it’s hardly surprising that the band jokingly predicts “this is going to be our last record.” Nevertheless, with Raíces, SPINE has orchestrated a sound tempest demonstrating their enduring prowess.

The record, produced by guitarist Alex Tunks in a repurposed steel storage unit, predominantly showcases instrumental work orchestrated by bassist Max Chaney, who recently left the band on good terms, and was mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.


The tracks, mostly under a minute, convey an unyielding urgency with sharp guitars, frenetic drums, and Marquez’s robust vocals in a bilingual mix of Spanish and English. The band draws from a diverse pool of influences, with nods to ’80s crossover bands like Siege and Die Kreuzen, and Cuban singer-songwriter Polo Montañez, in sound and commitment to authenticity.

The lyrics underline personal identity and struggle, while being written to allow listener interpretation.

SPINE’s potent sound translates into electrifying live performances, showcased across North America and at festivals like Sound and Fury and This Is Hardcore. The band is preparing for two midwest shows supporting Drain next week and a brief east coast tour with Destiny Bond in July.

Raíces is available now for preorder through Convulse Records.


SPINE’s current lineup includes Antonio Marquez (vocals), Alex Tunks (guitar), Dillon Bendetti (drums), and Max VanTillburg (bass).

Upcoming Shows:

5/31 – Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck w/ Drain, Drug Church, MSPAINT
6/1 – St. Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill w/ Drain, Drug Church, MSPAINT

7/14 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Destiny Bond
7/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Bonk’s Bar w/ Destiny Bond
7/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Destiny Bond

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