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FALL FLAVORED – Lille punk rockers comment on their new record

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We’re good 10 to 15 years since the early/mid 00’s era when punk infused rock was all the rage, and we haven’t heard too many easy going, anthemic offerings in recent years. Today, we’re giving you a full stream of “180”, the newest infectious record from Lille based alt pop punk rock band FALL FLAVORED, along with the band’s first hand commentary on each and every track!

Over a dynamic, relentless, diverse, and catchy 35 minutes, the band checks the melodic punk of ANTI-FLAG and RISE AGAINST while working MUSE and BILLY TALENT’s dynamics and rhythm twists into their own punkish rock anthems. “180” is slated to display their varied alt punk rock sound and it will more than likely have you dancing along at least a couple of times along the way.

FALL FLAVORED share a simple and efficient music, tinged with melancholia and various influences. The melodies support a powerful feminine voice, that also knows how to be smooth. The guitars are punk rock and the rhythm section in compressor mode. A musical cocktail, that gets stuck in your head and naturally leads you to move while listening.

They commented:

180 is our first LP. The title represents pretty much what we’ve tried to do (but there are also other meanings involved): to take a real turn on composition and musical inspiration of the band. Nonetheless, we are still in a musical universe that we like, and which belongs to us. This LP represents, for us, a beautiful first step in the music world and we’re very proud of it. With this album, we didn’t want to put frontiers or barriers to our compositions. We wanted to explore multiple registers of music at the same time, but without denying our punk rock legacy. It’s definitely a melodic punk rock album with influences such as Anti Flag or Sum 41, but there’s also some “MUSE-ish” or “KOBAIN-ish”, even post-rock sounds that are very recognizable. We’ve put all of our energy and inspirations in this album”

Track by track commentary:

Epic & colegram: This song has two dimensions. The first one is the epic one: we’ve put an orchestra in the introduction to picture this, for example. The title is also a play on words about the game which allows you to make a choice. That’s the subject of the song.

Mountain of rage: Somehow the most engaged song of the album, mostly because of the lyrics video. This is the point of view of an angry man watching the world burn.

Nonsense: This song is the most emotional with Courtesy of Boris, particularly at the moment of the climax. It could be the story of anyone, who lives an impersonal life. And he/she knows it, which causes a lot of despair.

Character in a role play: We’ve been a lot inspired by the manga’s world to write this one. The lyrics are focused on the otaku’s phenomenon, more particularly on those who live a great passion for those stories. So great that they end up disgusted by their own real life and give up on that to live in a fantastic world.

Runaway: This one is pretty… particular. The riff was found while the guitarist was angry because he was thinking and couldn’t write any songs for days. We were all complaining about our jobs at the time. And… Runaway was born!

Sleep: This song was inspired by the insomniacs. The tempo is way slower than the other song, but still dynamic. And the bridge is a bit psychedelic, reminding the state we are when we haven’t slept for a long time and the spirit gets fuzzy.

Can’t be beaten: This one was a nightmare. We’re recorded it as a pre-production and it didn’t sound… at all. We were so afraid in the studio… but it ended well. Maybe that’s why it weats it’s title so well: even badly played, badly recorded… this one can’t be beaten!

Stuck in life: This song was already on an older EP. We kept it because it sounded different but good after the income of the new singer and the rearrangements of the voice. The old and the new Fall Flavored are united in this title.


Courtesy of Boris: This song is about school bullying, and any kind of bully in general. The character is somebody nice who is seen like it. There is a hiatus between what people think of him (the same discourses as the ones which are said a somebody’s funerals) and how people treat him. It ends up with a suicide. This music here is somehow violent, nervous. So must be the narrator.


Jump: Here comes the most joyful music of the album. The music is way simpler than a lot of songs in this album: it’s like… breathing. The lyrics are about taking risks to achieve things. To try things, even if you don’t immediately succeed. We wanted to end the album with a positive touch. So ends 180.


FALL FLAVORED live dates:

FALL Flavored live dates

– 16/03: Do It Yourself Café with Bare Teeth, Meddler and Stanis
– 23/03: Le Risquons-Tout en goguette • La Faune with Justin(e) and CORBILLARD
– 29/03: Red-Studio Douai with The Morning After and Ulster Page
– 30/03: the taverne tavern with YOUR OWN FILM
– 02, 10 and 23/04: Bobble Café with a lot of people!

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