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FIDDLEHEAD performs live at Audiotree Session

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Boston-based band Fiddlehead has captured their distinct blend of hardcore energy and emo nuances in a new live session recorded at Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, IL. The band performed two songs, “15 to Infinity” and “Lay Low,” showcasing their unique sound that deftly combines anthemic melodies with hardcore’s raw intensity.

The performance was mixed and recorded by Neil Strauch and Andrew Ryan, while Tom Conway, Justin Kenney, and Matt Tyrpin contributed their videography talents. The session was expertly edited by Tom Conway.

“A post-hardcore supergroup with a muscular attack and emo leanings, Fiddlehead is staffed by former members of Massachusetts punk outfit Have Hear and UK band Basement.

After releasing their 2014 EP ‘Out of the Bloom,” the band was surprised by fans’ enthusiastic response and what had originally been a one-off project became one of the premiere bands shaping the face of post-hardcore today.

Fiddlehead’s strength lies within their ability to juxtapose feelings together and pour them all out track after track, offering clean tones and cleansing instrumentals that help guide Patrick Flynn’s distraught, and often frantic, vocals. Fiddlehead have never sounded more gargantuan than during their performance of “Fifteen to Infinity ” and “Lay Low,” in Oak Park, IL’s historic Cheney Mansion. Check out Fiddlehead on Audiotree Far Out!” – comments Audiotree.

Since their inception in 2014, Fiddlehead has continued to evolve, becoming renowned for their compelling lyrical themes that touch on life, death, and the complexities in between.

Their third album, “Death is Nothing to Us,” has been hailed as a culmination of their work so far, bringing together a tapestry of grief, pain, and nuanced emotions. Produced by Chris Teti, the record has been praised for its punchy production that captures the band’s live energy, all held together by Pat Flynn’s inimitable vocals.

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