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Hardcore punks GEL check in at Audiotree Live

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As New Jersey hardcore act Gel took to the stage at the renowned Audiotree studio, their primal intensity was laid bare, proving once again why they’ve been referred to as the hardcore band of our most tempestuous dreams.

Formed in the backdrop of 2018, the streets of New Jersey echoed with the defiant sounds of Gel, a band which swiftly took the local hardcore scene by storm. Known not just for their raw sonic intensity, but also for sparking the occasional fistfight at their gigs, Gel’s ethos is remarkably simple, yet profoundly powerful: true, unbridled expression and an uncanny ability to electrify their audience.

Their recent appearance at Audiotree Live saw them deliver track after blistering track, offering not just an auditory experience but a full-bodied immersion into their ethos.

The performance was punctuated with engaging segments where Rita Lukea, Audiotree Live’s quintessential host, delved into the band’s roots, discussing everything from their favorite gig locations to the dynamics of the New Jersey hardcore scene. Perhaps most intriguingly, the band shed light on their unique recording process, offering a rare glimpse into their world.

GEL live Audiotree!

While their visceral stage presence is indisputable, Gel’s studio endeavors are just as compelling.

Their critically acclaimed album “Only Constant,” released earlier in March, serves as a testament to this.

The album isn’t just a display of their ferocious sound but also a portal into the band’s soul. As Sami Kaiser, the impassioned vocalist, puts it, their aim is dual: to be a “vehicle for chaos” and simultaneously to foster an inclusive community. Their welcoming demeanor towards newer hardcore enthusiasts has not only bolstered their fanbase but has also made them flag bearers for a more inclusive hardcore scene.

With members Sami Kaiser, Anthony Webster, Maddi Nave, Bobko, and Zach Miller at its helm, Gel’s music is a confluence of aggression and introspection. Kaiser’s lyrical journey in “Only Constant” is one of self-discovery, striking a delicate balance between tumultuous rage and hopeful optimism. At its core, the album is a reflection on addressing and moving beyond one’s self-destructive proclivities, epitomizing the idea of embracing change.

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