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Fierce death metallers VENOM PRISON live at Audiotree Live

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UK death metallers VENOM PRISON visited Chicago’s Audiotree Live studio on September 23, 2019 to track a blast of a live session! Watch and be sure to check out our recent interview on their new record Samsara!

Venom Prison is a sensational death metal quintet whose blistering guitar work, visceral vocal work and catastrophic rhythms are an inspiration in the experimental metal scene. Their willingness to alter traditional formulas in favor of deeply felt melancholy puts them at the top of up and coming performers. Their explosive sounds draw you in and melody amidst the chaos keeps you attentive for each brutal breakdown. Check out the stellar performance by Venom Prison live at Audiotree.


1. Matriphagy
2. Uterine Industrialisation
3. Deva’s Enemy
4. Asura’s Realm
5. Self Inflicted Violence
6. Perpetrator Emasculation
7. Dukkha
8. Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals

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