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The Ruins of a Dying Kingdom: extreme metallers FIERCE share new devastating single!

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With their new massive single “The Runs of a Dying Kingdom”, Trieste, Venice and Padova based extreme metal act FIERCE sets a blistering blackened pace with death metal foundation, and monumental arrangements that underline the result of this bleak fusion masterfully. Following their previous EP “Ashes” (2017) and “Reabsorption” demo (2016), the band is ready to open a new chapter with their stunning new LP “Eclipses From the Duat”, and we’re beyond stoked to be a part of this hype. The digital version of the record hits the web on October 25th, but today the new single is coming to you through the video above!

The band commented:

“The Ruins of a Dying Kingdom speaks about the realization that all the things we thought defined us, like our education, values, social position, personality and so on are just a product of what is expected from us and what we’ve been told to be in this life. The bewilderment that follows could be devastating, because we no longer know where to turn to find ourselves and what to do to give a meaning to our existence. If we had enough courage to leave these safe ruins behind and insist in our quest in the outer darkness though, we could be lucky enough to catch a small glimpse of that light that will act as a beacon, making us understand that the destruction happened at the beginning was the best thing that could ever happened to us and the only way to start becoming what we really are.”



A curse from a fallen Emperor haunts me in the back of the head At war with my blood. Will I be damned for denying my heritage? Lost deep in death valleys cannot escape the gaze of the sphinxes The only choice is to Carry on Raging harpies tear my flesh with their claws While I’m hanging upside down on the cross But the hand of the great destroyer Is almost here The crown now looks faded. The old kingdom is falling the subjects are dying At war with my blood. Will I be damned for denying my heritage? Lost deep in death valleys, cannot escape the gaze of the sphinxes The only choice is to carry on While I’m hanging upside down on the cross I feel the hand of the great Destroyer Manifest from the firmament Pierce my heart. Unite with me
We’ll wipe away this dying kingdom Establishing a new dominion Solve et Coagula.

FIERCE cover

The record is a step forward from its predecessor in terms of darkness and heaviness. The songs are faster due to the new force behind the drumkit and the sound is more visceral, with the black metal component more dominant but without sacrificing the dynamics that were already present in “Ashes”. Also the melodies are enriched by the addition of a second guitar.

Lyrically speaking the songs go deep into the abyss of one’s inner self, describing a journey through the fears and demons within us, experiencing the process alchemically known as “Nigredo”, while finding a way to emerge back transformed.

Eclipses From The Duat is out this December, with a special digital premiere coming up on October 25th via Epidemic Records, Shove Records, and Rakkerpak Records! Stay tuned for the full stream of this beast and be sure to save a date for one of their shows in November:

FIERCE shows

1/11 Lubiana (Slovenia) – Orto Bar
2/11 Pula (Croatia) – Monteparadiso
8/11 Perugia (Italy) – TBC
9/11 L’Aquila (Italy) – Garbage Live Club

FIERCE is: Ciro Duchi, Miguel Gazziero, Andrea L’Abbate, Lorenzo Sogos, Federico Puddu.

FIERCE by @pek_shot
FIERCE by @pek_shot

Hungry for more? Check out the band’s first single called “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.”, available through animated video below!

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