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FILTH IS ETERNAL (formerly F*cked and Bound) change name, premiere new muscular single “ZED”

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Despite the name, Seattle’s formerly titled F*cked and Bound always felt fundamentally untethered, a wild thing. Comprised of vocalist Lisa Mungo (He Whose Ox is Gored, former touring member of Daughters), guitarist Brian McClelland (He Whose Ox is Gored), bassist Rah Davis (Skelator, Cages, former touring member of Cattle Decapitation), and drummer Mathew Chandler (Reburied), the band achieved an air of unhinged freedom mainly by thrashing their way through unassuming, beloved punk venues, writhing across unwashed floors and DIY spaces, hosting their own sort of hardcore communal exorcisms. And so, accelerated by isolation, a rechristening seemed fitting to more accurately celebrate their divine vulgarity: FILTH IS ETERNAL.

Of the name change, vocalist Lisa Mungo explains, “I’ve always believed that a transformative moment would hit during the lifespan of this outfit, but relegated these notions to the future tense. However, our collective experience over the past twelve plus months made it clear that the moment was presenting itself now.” If nothing else, surely this strange and painful time apart has proven just how illusory our ideas of what the future will be like are, and that it is important to take adaptive action in the present.

With this metamorphosis, Filth is Eternal come bearing gifts: “ZED,” a brutal, churning standalone single meant to be released individually as the band prepares for the roll out of their forthcoming album, to be released on Quiet Panic (USA)/Church Road (UK/EU) August 28th, 2021.

“ZED” was recorded and mixed by Robert Cheek at Electric Wall Studios and ExEx Audio with vocal tracking by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studios. Mastering by Black Bickel at Dynamic Sound Services Kalamazoo. It will be available on all streaming platforms May 7th. Stream the track, here.

Mungo elaborates: “The production of ‘Zed’ was completed about six months into the pandemic, and about a few weeks post-void; as such, it is laden with intimacy. Although it unequivocally foreshadows and even lives in the same universe as our upcoming work, ‘Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal,’ it behaves as a stand alone, fixed contextually to some sort of psycho-panoramic, unreplicable slip of time. Also unique to this track was the opportunity to record vocals with Tad Doyle. Not only did he nail the production work, he showed me a technique I’ll never forget and carry with me moving forward. Looking onward, there are so many events we would love to share, but for now, we want to thank you for your trust and continued support, and express how thrilled we are to be sharing new music with you, this single and beyond.”

Check out three of the band members’ recent bedroom cover band performances with popular heavy-metal themed talk show “Two Minutes to Late Night”: Lisa Mungo / Brian McClelland / Rah Davis

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