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Finnish hardcore punks KÜRØISHI d-beat our skulls into dust with their new album – listen!

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Finland’s d-beat hardcore punk band KÜRØISHI are joining us today for a special first listening party of their third album “Käärme sisälläsi, myrkyttää maailmani”, slated for a December 17th release via Break The Records (Japan, CD), and a follow up vinyl release Fight Records (Finland, vinyl) and SPHC Records (North America, vinyl).

Kürøishi’s new album is shrouded in an atmosphere of gloom where melodic phrases on guitar echo with expansiveness, while the band’s hardcore style is kept in tact. Like their fellow countrymen SELFISH, the influence of BURNING SPIRITS HARDCORE can be strongly felt here. Kürøishi is a band who have constantly updated themselves over their output and this is truly a Kürøishi album. The artwork was made again by SUGI, the legendary japanese artist since their 1st album, and resonates precisely with Kürøishi’s sound.

To celebrate its release, we have teamed up with singer Kai Jaakkola, who shared his thoughts track by track for the full album below!


“The third LP is often a turning point for punk bands.” – comments Dan McGregor of SPHC Records. “A lot of punk bands manage one great album, maybe two, and then they break up or decide to do something less immediately punk. If you manage a third album, you’re setting yourself on a trajectory. Will you tread water, keep refining your craft, or decide you’re going to “grow as an artist” and make indie rock or metal or something?”

Kürøishi‘s third LP answers this question by shaving about 60 seconds off their song lengths and making their most immediate and pulverizing record yet. While the second LP was an epic steeped in atmosphere and guest appearances, this third LP is relentless velocity and nonstop attack. Quick and stripped down, fewer mid-tempo parts, riffs akin to Wolfbrigade and Tragedy that are brutal yet melodic, dark yet flirt with a later Disfear sense of rocking…but of course it wouldn’t be Kürøishi without at least a couple big epic guitar solos strewn about.”

“So what does Kürøishi‘s answer mean? When many punk bands are “experimenting” by their third LP, Kürøishi get leaner and meaner, upping the ante and making their most direct and PUNK record yet. The trajectory is set: without veering into metal or experimentation, Kürøishi continues to d-beat our skulls into dust with their refined hardcore destruction.”


1. Naula

Kai: Unnecessary harshness, refusal to accept help, these unnecessary sufferings that are inherited from parents, hardness and endurance we need to survive but unnecessary stubbornness leads nowhere. Awesome that Janne “HERÄTYS” Mannio was more than willing to do some guest vocals on this opening track.

2. Deal with it

Kai: Easier said than done, but it’s about grabbing yourself by the neck. Taking care of yourself, checking yourself first when life seems to suck. Maybe the problem is you? Great solos and a Motörhead tribute at the very end, perfect.

3. Klar$itet

Kai: Believing in everything which has a certain symbolism, not questioning anything can lead to a deep chasm from which there is never a return. Question everything by using common sense, science is the truth.

4. Levels of disgust

Kai: a Dramatic intro that continues into a fine rocking slab of mosh , frustration shining through the lyrics. Some of us are just so good at manipulating others. Although hope still lives on. The band Death Side shines through with melody and perhaps the “Uprising” era Entombed also, one of my personal favourites.

Kürøishi, by Veera Uutinen

5. Givers turn into takers

Kai: When givers become takers, a rapid downward spiral begins. Killing Joke through the Kuroishi filter, deathwhistle to complete the feeling.

6. Kuro

Kai: KURO (black in Japanese) even blacker than black, pollutes your body, opens your mind. You can’t do anything else, surrender to this enlighting force. A crazy starting riff that in contrast to the clear chorus works like a toilet on a bullet train. Here is also Janne “HERÄTYS” Mannio doing a feat.

7. Thoughts like razors

Kai: the Feeling when the body and mind are on the verge of breaking down and yet you have to be strong, when even everyday chores seem insurmountable, but you must go to work. That’s the set and setting.

A beautiful melody that cuts deeper than any blade.

8. The future looks bright

Kai: Great promises for a better future, from men whose only interest is money. Dark humor at least in the name and chorus. The ENTOMBED tribute in the beginning and the middle part takes you to Norway. Leads that should even make the Maiden boys proud.

9. Scythe keeps on grinding

Kai : the Scythe keeps on grinding, allday everyday. No vacations, no days Off.

Enjoy the time you have without hurting others, surround yourself with smarter and nicer people.

10. Blank state of mind

Kai: When your worst enemy looks like you, the path of anger takes you to a lonely place. Hate leads to nothing positive. More Tragedy than Tragedy as we say in Finland. A perfect dramatic ending.

KÜRØISHI music is written and performed by Kai Jaakkola on vocals, Ilari Kinnunen on lead guitar, Ville Jylhä on guitar, Jani Kaarlela on bass and Timo Lindholm on drums. Mastered at Enormous Door Mastering by Jack Control. Masterpiece artwork by the legendary Akihiko “Sugi” Sugimoto. Recorded and mixed by Antti “Ja Tuplataan” Lindholm.

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