First UNBROKEN European tour featured in Some Will Never Know Zine

We waited to tell you about this great feature, because we wanted it to last a bit longer. Some Will Never Know Zine has issued an amazing feature about UNBROKEN‘s first European tour back in 1994-1995.

The band will be touring the old continent again this month. Go here to see the dates.

Unbroken has over the years become one of those bands of mythical proportions. With them playing some European reunion shows, we thought it was a good idea to go back in time and ask people just what made Unbroken so special back when they came on their first European tour in the winter of ’94-’95. .

We pretty much asked everyone the same two questions:

1. Why did that band make such an impact at the time?

2. Do you have any crazy, nice stories about their first European tour?

Now let the people who were (or could have been) there have their say: (…)

Go here to find out.

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