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FLESH WOUND unleashes gritty hardcore and death metal fusion with “Dedicated to the Lacerated”

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Detroit, Michigan-based Flesh Wound has made a thunderous entry into the hardcore infused metal (aka metallic hardcore) scene with their recent EP release, “Dedicated to the Lacerated.” Offering a brutal blend of hardcore and death metal, the band aims to create a distinct sound that emphasizes the raw intensity of each genre while steering clear of the “deathcore” label.

Comprised of members with notable backgrounds in Michigan’s hardcore music scene, including Ante Up, Dbloc, and Strength N Honor, Flesh Wound draws influences from their collective experiences to shape their unique sonic identity. The EP, released on May 19, 2023, showcases the band’s songwriting skills and their ability to craft dark and grime-infused hardcore and death metal tracks.

The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Trevino at Fractured Audio in Michigan, resulting in a raw and powerful sound that perfectly complements Flesh Wound’s vision. The band’s aim is to stay away from the overly polished sound found in some modern metal genres, taking inspiration from legendary bands such as Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Mortician, 100 Demons, Ringworm, Meruader, and Cold as Life.

Flesh Wound’s guitarist, Matt Cain, explains the band’s origins, stating that the idea to form Flesh Wound arose during a night of listening to Dying Fetus and drowning sorrows in Death Metal. The mutual love for heavy music sparked the desire to create something new. With the addition of drummer Alex Adams and the subsequent inclusion of guitarist Troy Kelly and bassist Brian Williams, Flesh Wound’s lineup was complete.

The band’s focus on dark and gritty themes is evident in their lyrics, drawing inspiration from horror movies, serial killers, and 80s horror films.

Each track on “Dedicated to the Lacerated” revolves around a specific theme, ranging from government mind control to infamous figures like Jeffrey Dahmer and Jack the Ripper.

Flesh Wound

Looking ahead, Flesh Wound aims to further refine their sound, exploring a more straightforward and aggressive approach that blurs the line between death metal and hardcore influences. Their future releases promise to be faster, darker, and more uncompromisingly fierce, while maintaining their signature grit and grime.

“Dedicated to the Lacerated” is available for streaming on all major platforms. Get their merch at this location.

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