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Florida emo indie punk rockers DIKEMBE streaming loads of demos

Florida’s emo punk rockers from DIKEMBE (est. 2011) have released loads of demo recordings of their songs destined for their 2nd and 3rd full lengths Mediumship (2014) and Hail Something (2016), and latest EP “Ledge” (2015). Listen below.

In other news, Little Elephant sessions has released the band’s live session on vinyl! GO HERE to order your copy. Get more merch at this location and catch the band live with LEMURIA and Mikey Erg on February 24th at Loosey’s in Downtown Gainesville, Florida!

These are songs that we had demo’d for “Hail Something” with Ryan before he left. Most of the songs just couldn’t work as a three-piece, and a few were songs that Ryan wrote. They have a very different feel from the songs that ended up being on the record. Consider this an alternate universe version of “Hail Something”. Keep in mind they’re just demo recordings. Hope you like it and appreciate it for what it is!

Original records:

Little Elephant session:

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