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Florida hardcore pack 430 STEPS drop new LP Citizen of Nothing

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The best hardcore band in Florida right now is, hands down, 430 STEPS. Hailing from Orlando, by way of South America, they are out there killing every venue they step foot in. Featuring former members of Space Brain, they have shared the stage with Madball, Coldside and others. They are pretty much the biggest up and coming hardcore band in the Florida scene, and if you’ve seen them live, you know what I’m talking about.

The first track, MOTIVATION GAMES, jumps at you fast, hard and furious. At a minute and 11 seconds, you know this track is like hell’s fury unleashed. Fast, raw and old school. Just like hardcore punk should be! This tune really sets the pace of the record.

The next song, UNTIL THIS DAY, is probably the best track on the record. I mean, OMFNG! This song has it all. It’s fast, it’s heavy, it has tons of groove and makes you want to pit your ass off! Nelson Porras really shows off his vocal skills on this one. Especially when he screams out in the middle of the song, “I refuse to feel this way!” Gritty and destructive, yet melodic as hell, you will just have to see what I mean. The next song, SERIAL KILLER, is another great track. This song sounds like a mix of old school Suicidal Tendencies with some good power metal. Great metallic riffs and a sick guitar solo courtesy of Manuel will have you playing this track over again, for sure.

Now the next tune, SKATE GHOST TOWN, is bound to be another classic 430 track! If the last song reminded you of old school S.T., then this song will remind you of some of some of Suicidal’s later music. Especially, with the funkiness of Carlos’ bass playing. So, after this Corona Virus bullsit is over, take Nelson up on his advice when he tells you to “Just let him fucking skate!” CITIZEN of NOTHING, the album’s title track is a hardcore masterpiece. This song incorporates many different styles and even a touch of some Deftones thrown in there, especially with Nelson’s vocals at times. Heavy lyrics about homelessness and a new video, this song also sends quite the message to the listener.

STEP AWAY, another great hardcore track, fades in with a heavy guitar riff before the rest of the band jumps right in with a fistful of fury, has tons of groove and ferocious guitar riffs. The band then throws the next song at us called, CRONICAS DE PAYASO. Like Madball and Downset before them, they decided this release just wouldn’t feel complete without a song en espanol. Great job on this one. Great mosh part and an excellent build-up part at the end hit the spot. Especially, if you enjoy latino hardcore, like I do.

The band close out the album with the final track, WASTING TIME. Having seen this band and shared the stage with them a few times, when they play this song all hell breaks loose. Especially after the awesome build-up part, courtesy of Gustavo Porras’ drumkit. The Porras brothers really kill it on this track. Musically and lyrically. “Fighting, laughing, depression, another day!” Nelson screams out with a fury before the rest of the band come together to rip you a new one before the album finally finishes up its onslaught.

Look, if you still need me to sit here and convince you to pick up this record, then I’m afraid you may have other issues going on that I don’t need to know about. So, put this album on your quarantine playlist and beat the crap out of your little brother because it’ll probably be a while before you get out to another show, I’m afraid.

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