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Florida indie punk rockers BASELINE discuss new EP “Landfill” track by track

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Ocala, Florida indie punks BASELINE are releasing their new EP “Landfill” on Salvaged Records on March 4th, and today we’re pleased to give you the band’s special track by track rundown for each and every track from the release.

Baseline are a three-piece band, blending elements of punk, alternative, and grunge, all wrapped in catchy riffs and earworm melodies.

Lie to me*

I started to write this song with Dinosaur Jr. in mind.
Simple chord progression with a fun bass line.
It didn’t really pop off until Zach wrote his drums parts to it right after I played it for the first time.
Jason wrote his part immediately after and it became the fastest song we have put together.
The song itself is about trying to save a relationship that should have never started in the first place.

Left Behind*

(I really am not, nor do I ever purposefully try to be technical. I wrote this chord progression with no intention of having it in a 12/8 time signature but here we are. My ex guitarist figured it out for me, and we just went from there. )
This song is about 8 years old now, but I’m glad we worked on it as long as we did to make sound the best it can be. It’s about my past behavior while being in a relationship and facing head on with my narcissism.


It’s my interpretation of some of my personal addictions. This song can be hard sometimes to sing in front of people, but it’s always feels worth it once I get to the part where Jason’s and I do our guitar/bass duet.

Blade II*

Zach came up with the name of the track out of thin air. It has absolutely no relation to the song but it’s a fun title. Aside from Sleep, all of our song titles are stupid and funny to us. As I’m sure you can tell from the lyrics, I’m not happy with this particular person who had ruined our friendship, to the point where I had wished mental instability upon him. It’s sounds pretty evil, I know, but I was beyond furious at the time. We’ve since then made up.

The Room*

hahah oh, hah Mark.

The Song? Eh. I guess it’s about morning sex and the euphoria that can come afterwards. Neato.

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