“Flower-violence” act NONPAREIL unveil beautiful, emotional new take on screamo and emoviolence

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From the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur emerges Nonpareil, a five-piece Screamo band that has recently unveiled their latest masterpiece, “Extended Demo.” The short album features three emotionally charged tracks that span a total of fifteen minutes, enveloped in a beautifully haunting atmosphere and explosive vocals.

Inspired by the Skramz culture of Europe and their local music scene, Nonpareil’s sound is a unique blend they have coined “flowerviolence,” a tribute to the beauty that can thrive amidst the harshest of surroundings. So, let yourself be carried away by the intense sonic experience of Nonpareil.

In collaboration between Desperate Infant Records and Clever Eagle Records, this limited edition pink cassette tape is released globally with only 100 copies available now for purchase through both labels online store.


The band’s music reflects a melancholic theme both in lyrics and melody, as evident in their signature style. Nonpareil’s songs express deep feelings of sorrow and longing, particularly over the loss of loved ones, as they experienced during the writing of “Kian Hilang,” a song inspired by the passing of their beloved family members and a dear friend. Their music also touches on self-reflection, exploring personal struggles and introspection.


“As a band, we believe that our latest demo holds great significance not only for our audience but for us as well.” – comments NONPAREIL.

“It has helped us to define our musical direction and establish a strong foundation for future releases. Although we believe that we have found the perfect sound that sets us apart from the rest, we understand that there is always room for improvement. We cannot be certain that our chosen path is the right one, but we will continue to push ourselves to explore new avenues and take risks. Only time will tell where our musical journey will lead us.” – they conclude.

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